Drawing The Head

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Hello Everyone,

This week I wanted to talk about drawing the head, the human head to be specific. In the last post I wrote about going back to basics and drawing the head is a continuance of this.  Drawing faces has fascinated me since I was young sitting in my bedroom drawing.  I used to copy the posters on my walls.

Since discovering The Loomis Method I have been using this principle to draw faces.  It has worked really well for me.  However I can do straight on views, profile and 3/4 views really well, but anything else seems to elude me! 

Hit And Miss

I also have real hit and miss days. 

Some days are like this: 

                  Drawing The Head

And other days I can do a real gem like this: 

            Drawing The Head

I almost always use reference photo’s to help me but my aim is to get to the point where I can draw characters and not need references for the most part for faces.

Do you have hit and miss days with your art?  It puzzles me and I think I need to really examine why this happens, I mean I know everyone has off days but I feel like I have hit a plateau as well with faces.  I can’t tell if I am getting any better or not?  

When In Doubt

I think though that even though I can’t tell if I am getting any better drawing the head I will just keep moving forwards.  Maybe I should do a 100 head challenge and draw a different head every day.  This might open me up to working on expressions which could add some more life into my sketches.

I just wanted to share the issues that have come up with me on this subject in case they help you and provide some motivation to keep moving forwards, we will get there!

To see all my sketches for the week see my Instagram @zoebadgerart

Happy Sketching


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