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You only see what you’re looking for, so look to the light to see the light' 

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I received a lot of interest in an earlier post on orbs (We Need To Talk) by hundreds of viewers just after posting it. Since I have many pictures stashed away in my external hard drive, I thought I'd pick a few to display on this post. I have enlarged and enhanced most of these for contrast purposes. I am not representing they are anything more than natural phenomena due to dust in the air or lens flash on a camera. Yet, they intrigued me as they began to show up shortly after I bought a digital camera several years ago. For whatever reason, they just kept showing up whenever I intended them. This hasn't happened since I stopped looking for them. 

Strangely, it seemed they would only show up when I intended them, which, on the surface, would seem to take us beyond the realm of natural explanation. I'm just saying this, but have no proof of them being anything but natural. 

Above, the bright picture was simply taken in the night sky without any light around that I recall. I just felt motived to do it at the moment. What I like about it, is that it seems to throb as I focus on it, (especially after the second mug of beer or glass of Scotch). Also, I keep seeing interesting images in the centre that almost seem mystical to me. If this light evokes something in your imagination too, please tell let what you see. 

Interestingly, I recently read something that inspired me about the light in us: You pass from a final illusion of beauty to Beauty that cannot be contained by illusion. You pass from form, which reflects Light, to Light, which shines into form. The (Holy Spirits Interpretation of the New Testament, page 305 NTI) There's a lot of meaning contained in these words that speak to me of enlightenment. Not to say any of that has to do with orbs, but then....

Anyway, if you have any thoughts on this, I'd like to hear of them too in the Comments section.

Now for your more everyday, run-of-the-mill orbs, I've included several more. The strobe light orb below is in my place. Interestingly, I had just been on the couch. I have no idea why I felt compelled to get up and take a picture of where I was sitting. Who know's what I was thinking while sitting there; perhaps some esoteric thought or changing the oil in my car.   


Here's another in the same vicinity. It's where I spend most of my time while reading or writing at home. Guess they like to keep me company since I live alone.



                  I don't recall where I took either of these above or below. 


The orb pic below was taken at my cabin. With all is bright colours, I thought I would include it here. Again, this is a colour enhancement to see it with greater contrast. But then, nothing appeared until I took a picture of the trees from my cabin deck. 


The pic below is of an orb over the head of my friend Jackie. When I told her I had recently been getting orb pictures, she wanted to see if we could get one of her with an orb too. And so I did. In fact, immediately. She wasn't disappointed or even surprised. 


I captured these below at a party in my cabin with friends who were skeptical about my strange orb hunting. And so the orbs and I decided we would show them a thing or two. It seemed I got something every time I took a picture that night. The friends were amused but not convinced. After all, there likely was a lot of dust in the air, not to mention cigar smoke.

The enhanced pics are the two that I caught in the single picture below. 


I caught this one beside my friend Lawrence at the cabin. They must like the way he thinks since I got a couple others positioned directly over his head.



That's all for now. Perhaps I'll add more later when I have time. Again, I'm not representing, proposing or postulating anything about this phenomenon. But since orbs show up in Elysium's Passage, I have included some of them in this blog post to create a little interest.

My assumption is that there is a natural explanation. It's just that I'm not always so sure what is supposed to constitute 'natural' -- only that which is can be subject to the scientific method? Don't think so! In fact, there are other dimensions that many scientists acknowledge as existing such as in the 'Superstring Theorem.

But to be on the safe side, I suspect that all these photos can be explained away scientifically in terms of what optical illusions a camera lens can create. Also, I've done enough experimenting to lead me to this conclusion.

Again, if you have any insight or some opinion you wish to express, please leave your comments below. 


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