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You may have heard of the poem called Dark Night of the Soul, written by 16th-century Spanish Mystic and poet John of the Cross.

This phrase has come to mean many things but generally, it seems to sum up what we often experience in our lives in times of crisis. Though the phrase is often taken to mean these dark times of depression, the actual intent of the poem relates to something far more profound than our angst. 

Rather, it evokes a call to advance towards our spiritual breakthrough on the path to divine union by breaking our ego-driven ties. This necessarily involves some inward pain since our lower nature is not amenable to being purged of its selfism. 

Yet, that’s what is necessary to move through the shadows to our inward light of higher consciousness. It takes a great deal of work and awareness to move past the resistances of our impetuous ego-mind. It means no longer identifying with its insanity, but listening to the divine guidance of our hearts. We are divine souls, created in the image of God. See the post, Union of Heart and Mind 

Yes, we experience this phenomenon, and it can serve us as long as we don’t serve it. If we persist, we can eventually conquer this lower nature, and move beyond towards a higher plane of enlightenment. To help illustrate this, I’ve included a short dialogue excerpt from Chapter 11 of Book Three, Quantum Leaps.

‘This is a process,’ Mo said, ‘that often takes gurus and sages a lifetime to accomplish. But you, James, are in a unique position, far removed from the dense frequencies of the earth plane. You can access a higher octave, provided you desire enlightenment with all your heart and mind. Very few on earth have come this far this quickly, which is why we’re confident you will go the distance as you remain focused on finding your way further up and further in. 

‘Then, when you have conquered the fears of your ego-mind, you will be prepared for your surreal adventure and whatever might occur thereafter. Remember the ancient saying: He conquers, who conquers himself, meaning, conquering your ego-self. You will learn you are only able to conquer by uniting your mind with your heart, thereby putting on the divine Self, the Christ… the real you. That is what you are going there to achieve. Then you will have accomplished what the ancients implored when they unequivocally stated: KNOW THYSELF.’

It seems that with all the egoic fear and deception being foisted on the world, we are moving through a formidable shadow that has been cast by some very dark forces. People used to mock such warnings of tyranny as unfounded conspiracy theories. For those who are awake, or are beginning to awaken, there is a growing awareness this is not about a virus that has resulted in not many more deaths than the regular flu season. (In fact, there’s much suspicion that this was just the covid-cold flu).

We can viscerally feel the darkness of deception with the mandates, masks, cancellation culture, censorship, bullying of the corporate/government/media/pharma-medical autocracies; all ramping up the fear and control. I’m not sure even Orwell would believe this.

Nevertheless, I remain optimistic and perceive this spiritual devolution as the world moving through this dark shadow where evil is being exposed for what it is. In response to the atrocities presently being committed worldwide, I believe a critical mass will awaken to tear down the oppressive powers that seek to imprison the human spirit. 

Ultimately, I believe the light will dissipate the shadows and one day shine upon our world. For now, we are moving through the dark night of our collective consciousness that we may be led to greater light and freedom. I trust that day will soon arrive.  

I have included an excerpt, again from Quantum Leaps where James, the protagonist/hero, speaks of his coming to the light. What he doesn’t yet realize is that he has just begun his journey, and he will have to endure several tests along the way to temper his spirit before he’s ready for anything close to enlightenment. 

Chapter 3, Elysium's Passage: Quantum Leaps 

With this, Mo and I made our way back to the cabin to join Eli. After relaxing with a glass of schnapps by the fire while answering a few more questions about my early years, my friends went on their way. Topping my drink, I continued to sit by the fire to think more about what Mo said.

I appreciated how he admitted to also having spent some time in the Lowlands. This confession made it even easier for me to trust what he and Eli had to say about the earth plane. They had already been through it. Also, they never claimed to be perfect or have all the answers.

Eli would often say that while he was in the world, he wasn’t that different from me and how little he understood other than his immediate concerns. Like me, he believed that his physical death would mean the end of his existence.

After passing into Elysium, he said he often wanted to hit the rewind button during his life review so he might live out his life with more love and less fear. He learned, however, what he needed to know was not by what he got right but what he didn’t get right.

He also indicated that the reviews were never conducted in judgement; rather were to help him become more aware of his past life’s journey relating to his ongoing spiritual evolution. On a few occasions, he told me he would never have been able to relate to me or my journey had he not lived on earth the way he did. In that sense, I considered him and Mo my guides, which is why they were here with me.

As I watched the fire burn down to hot red embers, I thought about how Mo and Eli stressed that the purpose of our living on earth was to become more of what we are, nothing less than an expression of the divine Christ image. The irony is that none are meant to be the same. According to them, the more we conform to our Source-Being’s essence, the more variegated are the expressions of our unique character.

When we finally accept our destiny, they said that no matter how many lifetimes it takes, we naturally wish to follow the light of love. Whenever we experience fear, it’s not because our souls are inherently dark, but a result of having closed ourselves to the light, unnecessarily delaying our journey. The resultant pain can give us the contrast we need to rediscover the light; otherwise, we may continue to drift into further darkness.

One thing they emphasized repeatedly is that darkness has no existence; only light exists; still, it’s not the opposite of light, only its absence. We must come to realise that the only way to dispel darkness is for us to kick the door open so the divine light might shine in. Once we allow light to enter, the absence of light can no longer be experienced.

We should question why we’re so determined to resist the light when, most evidently, that’s not in our best interests. I could only conclude that it must be ignorance since it too is deprivation, just as darkness is to light. The ego-mind has no interest in truth, only in being clever, which is why ignorance continues to prevail in the Flatlands, where many intelligent minds reside.[1] At least, that was my experience because I was one of them.

When the world understands it has written itself upside down, perhaps it will become aware of its collective resistance to spiritual light. It will use every means of deceit it can conjure to shield itself from this light. Even in its insanity, the ego knows its illusions cannot survive the piercing rays of the light.

I remembered Mo recently said something to the effect that even if a crack of divine light shines through the dark web, the ego-mind will screech out against anything that threatens its phantom existence. 

I thought back on my life, observing how much control I relinquish to my separate ego-mind and how it always sabotaged my happiness. I must remain vigilant; he would say, to keep my heart and mind united that my path forward might remain illuminated with divine brilliance. 

At times I became tired of hearing them talking so much about love and light, fear and darkness, and other topics that seemed more like just conceptual abstractions. It’s not what most philosophers consider to be important when analysing the deeper issues of life. Eli was quick to reaffirm that what they had to say was not just about pontificating but understanding the dynamics of conscious existence for all humanity, for all time. A time would come, Mo said, when my spiritual frequency would attune to the level of what they were saying.  

I was beginning to recognise, somewhat begrudgingly, that they were right. I hadn’t paid much attention to the divine light within, and it was now time I did. I supposed this was why my companions thought it was vital for me to be alone on the upcoming tropical island retreat to examine myself thoroughly.

After all, Socrates stated that the unexamined life is not worth living.[2] I had been carefully scrutinized before being awarded my doctorate yet I had never learned how to examine my life to find who I was. Although, I doubt if many knew anything about what this meant either. That hardly was their bailiwick.

Likely, there would be plenty for me to consider since I now understood how much I got wrong, not just my philosophical weltanschauung, but in life, including my relationships with women.

I wanted to believe that the ego’s deceptions would be snuffed out by Elysium’s light. However, they indicated that was not necessarily the case, especially in the lower states of consciousness that straddle the earth. This lower realm is what Swedenborg called The Natural Heaven. If the angels can fall from grace, as suggested in some religious writings, then I suppose anyone can. 

Maybe that’s what the world is about; a way to learn lessons the angels cannot experience without the onerous struggles we endure while living on the earth’s dense plane of existence. That’s the only rationalization I can think of for why we wish to experience the contrast of darkness. Perhaps the world itself is a form of purgatory.

What I was learning at Summit U. took time for my mind to absorb after being so flattened these last years in the Flatlands. 

So now, to go from that to embark on this Magical Mystery Tour into higher realms and dimensions felt unsettling. Perhaps I was threatened by a sense of inadequacy since no one wants to be caught naked; I’m sure there would be nowhere I could hide. 

Or possibly I was concerned about finding myself in the presence of a higher being who had plenty of cause to make me squirm. Who wants to have a flaming angel robed in virgin white waving her finger at you for past indiscretions? In my case, likely from certain women in my past.

It was obvious, my pesky ego was still very much with me, fretting about. I would have preferred it had remained with the fall guy where it couldn’t do me any harm. I realised, however, that I would have to sooner or later deal with the guilt I felt. 

For the first time, I began to wonder if it was my insecurities that craved recognition for my intellectual achievements. If so, was this to compensate for my humble beginnings, particularly knowing I was the child of a prostitute? I wasn’t sure. Perhaps I believed that my costly education would restore honour to my father’s name and the life of my poor mother.

Whatever the case, here I was now with Mo and Eli. My old world, as I knew it, had been turned upside down. Even though they were gracious to me most of the time, they often contradicted my rational discernment. Of course, I know now what they had to say made perfect sense, however at the time my ego wasn’t about to let go of what I most closely identified with. At times, their dismissive attitudes would exacerbate my need to be respected as a professional philosopher and for what beliefs I continued to cling to.

My resistance toward understanding spiritual matters was possibly more significant than what I portrayed in this narrative. In hindsight, I realise my defences were probably more about protecting my ego rather than the argument. Being humbled wasn’t easy for me to accept; still, I was learning more about myself and why I reacted as I did.

I was finally coming to recognise the albatross slung around my neck for too many years.[3] I knew Mo and Eli were right; being a philosopher meant nothing at Summit U; I was merely a student in a foreign land taught what I didn’t know. It was time to fling off the bird and move on; a new destination was calling. Soon I would be dispatched to my Island Paradise. But, would it be a paradise, or might it turn into something far less?  

[1] Similarly, Albert Einstein once stated: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. 

[2] Allegedly, Socrates (470-399 BC) made this statement at his trial before being sentenced to death, as stated in Plato’s Apology.

[3] An allusion to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1798). Instead of the cross, the albatross, about my neck was hung.’


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An engaging and sometimes surreal adventure with intimations of impending romance, the narrative explores the most important questions about life, death, reality, and our ultimate destiny. 

The Plains of Elysium (Champs-Élysées) was described by Homer, Hesiod, Virgil, and many other poets as the paradisiac afterlife realm reserved for heroes. As the title suggests, this is about a journey through a passage that leads towards Elysium’s exciting realm of adventures.

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