From one heart to many hearts

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My gratitude to my mother and her mother who has created her and created me without you both, I would never exist in the world. Thank you!

We are co-creators in this life within our life, we are also co-creators with each and everyone to have an amazing life and anything they want already happen.

A decade ago, my husband had a by-pass operation at the P.A. hospital in Brisbane, Australia and while he was a patient, he got to realise how hard the nurses worked. Going around some ungodly hours, with a little torch attached to their head, they performed their duties so diligently.

When he did his rehabilitation at the gym, he noticed how difficult it was for the one supervisor to handle ten or so patients during the circuit training.

After he finished his rehabilitation, he said to himself, he wanted to be a volunteer and somehow help out at this hospital.

He applied and however at that time, there were no vacancies.  So he applied to another hospital and was accepted, but after three or four months there, he thought he was not of much value with the duties assigned to him. 

He then reapplied at the P.A. and was accepted.  During the initial interview, he had to fill out a form asking about his interests, hobbies and any special skills.  Also, why did he want to do volunteering?

He mentioned playing the ukulele is his "special talent" and that he had his heart operation in this hospital. His preference was to assist at the gym except it required specially trained physiotherapist personnel. He was unable to help out there.

So he was employed at a building called GARU, geriatric and rehab unit. His job was to go around the ward and talk to patients, do errands for them and generally help out the therapist. This person was qualified in handicraft work and psychology as well.  A certain time each morning there was a room allocated for a music session of around 3 and a half hours. The therapist and my husband would take a few patients from their rooms down to join other patients in this room.

The band consisted of a piano/keyboard player, a guitarist, a harmonica player and a percussionist.  They would play and sing to the patients after handing out instruments such as maracas, tambourines, shakers and drums. Some patients would join in and sing too. He was invited to join in with the band and after the session, he would help to take the patients back to their beds.

A few months later, the therapist said to him that his help was appreciated but when he was there in the morning some patients would be asleep. Others would be out for a walk or doing rehabilitation.

The therapist had discovered he could play the ukulele and then decided he would better utilised with the music volunteers.

The Wanderers

A small group used to walk around various wards and other designated areas of the hospital to entertain the patients.  After a few hours, this group would return to the main music session and play for another couple of hours.

This has become his forte - joining the wandering musicians and after three years, he is still doing this.

They also play at the volunteers christmas party and a special day held in the hospital.

It is most gratifying to see a patient lying in bed unable to talk and in pain, but they still manage to tap their feet or give us a smile when we sing for them.

I am so grateful in my present moment and have the opportunity to share his story and get to know more about him. Creating a life that we want with the intention to empower the reader you can have it all!  Happy reading until next time with more story to come from Willie Kee channelling through here.

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