How being grateful can change your life?

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Day after day, week after week are passing by with the speed of light that it’s hard to remember sometimes what I did yesterday or last weekend. Life is so hectic these days. I feel like I am being trapped in the time machine with my finger stuck on press forward.

Family, work, kids, bills, seems like the list of responsibilities never ends. Suddenly one day we wake up and realise that we turn into working machines programmed only to work, eat and sleep. We repeat the same thing during the week  to finally catch a breath at the weekend and feel like ourselves again.

This morning in work during breakfast I found out that one of my office colleagues was diagnosed with a breast cancer. This lady is in her fifties and she has always been very friendly and pleasant person to work with. I have noticed that she hasn’t been  herself in the last couple of weeks. I was told that she is going for a treatment and will be off for a couple of weeks.

This information was a bit shocking to me. I could only imagine how difficult time it must be for her family and friends. At that moment I realised how precious life is and every moment of it.

We take everything for granted. We take  for granted our health, parents, relationship, our jobs but how lucky we are to be here today?

We don’t know how to live in a moment, we tend to plan future, postpone a lot of things in hope that we do them when the time is right  but what are we going to do when the right time will never come?

We are constantly in a hurry, we are rushing to work, rushing to school pick up kids, getting sick dog to a vet, getting shopping done in the last minute. We seems to rush everywhere. In this whole running cycle we have no time to stop for a moment and see how great life is and how much we have to be grateful for.

One of my friends always complains about the same thing every single morning. The one thing that really seems to get him is traffic and poor driving skills some of drivers. Every day he comes to work and the first thing he talks about is how bed the traffic was last night on the way home and how stressful it was.

I always try to cheer him up saying don’t worry it’s going to be better this evening. Don’t let this to ruin your day. One day before he left work  I asked him to close his eyes and repeat in his mind few times that traffic is light and imagine himself getting home very quickly. He looked at me with surprise, took a deep breath and next thing he closed his eyes to follow my instructions.

When I met him on the next day morning I asked him how did he get on last night. He responded that he got home quicker than usually and it was first time he got home calm and relaxed. It was also the first time he didn’t complaint that morning J

I told him to repeat this little exercise every time he is about to drive but also say thank you for all good things that happens to him on that day. No matter how bad your day is or something really bothers you if you shift your mind and focus  on good things in your life you will attract only good things.  This could be a delicious cup of coffee in the morning or someone holding a door for you or a car you drive to work every morning. This way we show gratitude for all we have and at the same time we enhance more positive emotions. We start feeling better and by being thankful we attract more good things and open ourselves to receive them. So when my friend was getting stressed over traffic before he even get into the car he was attracting the traffic and he was also attracting stress and negative feelings.

Every day we have to face something difficult that can make us feel little bit worried or anxious but by being grateful and practising it every day we create this emotional harmony around us that allows us to enhance positive outlook and make worry and anxiety to go away.

Being thankful shifts life to a different level, attracts what we want. Gratitude creates happiness, boosts our motivation and  creates good feeling which allows us to receive all the good things. Complaint, anger, disappointment and continuous wishing  for what you would love to have  is replaced by happiness, confidence, positive attitude and appreciation.  Help us to live in the present and enjoy the journey of life. So let’s be grateful for today and be ready for today.

Have a fantastic grateful day with many present moments!


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