How To Draw Things - The Starting Point

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well and have had a good week of sketching.  This week I really wanted to write about how to draw things - the starting point.

This week I have tackled some more dynamic figure poses, when I say dynamic I  mean ones that have a delicate balance, like standing on one leg or in a ballet dancers pose.  I also looked back at some of my art from earlier this year and can now see clear progression which is adding to my confidence and momentum.  Have a look back at your own to see how you have progressed and see how it adds to your own confidence and momentum.

                            How To Draw Things - The Starting Point


I also delved into drawing noses as I find them quite challenging to do.  I did a few pages of them, looking at reference photo’s on Pinterest. I kept my pencil strokes quite loose so I was free with my movement and just kept going doing different angles.  This led me to quite an obvious conclusion that in order to draw anything you start with basic shapes and build up!

I have been doing it without realising it all the time but now I have had that a-ha moment I am looking at things a bit differently. I am finding it easier to see ‘shapes’ in things. 

Basic Shapes

From reference photos I can now see shapes overall, shapes in the shadows and shapes in the highlights.  Like with studying the Loomis method for drawing heads, that all starts with shapes.  So obvious but I had not realised the deeper meaning and significance of it.

There is not just one way to do it either.  Below I have done 2 different shapes for starting to draw a nose, one with 3 circles and one with a softened diamond shape. I have also progressed them a little so you can see how you can build with each of them to get that nose shape.

          How To Draw Things - The Starting Point

So in simple terms how you start to draw anything always starts with a basic shape which you add to and build upon to create your drawing.  I know this is probably quite obvious to some but I hope it helps when you are sat there with a blank page and a reference photo wondering how on earth you are going to do it,  start with a basic shape!

As always to see my sketches for the week head on over to my Instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Happy Sketching


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