Improve The Quality of Your - Life Four Pillars of Life - Living Life on Purpose

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Improve The Quality of Your Life
Four Pillars of Life
Living Life on Purpose

Hi there! It’s Friday and a long weekend at that! YES I am Christy with the Lifestyle Creators Team and you have been watching our videos and reading our posts for four days now, thank you. We are so happy to share and grow with you.

In the past posts we have provided you with information and resources to form daily habits, to change your self-talk and to know the two forces that motivate humans all in an effort to provide direction in becoming successful and elevating your conscience. We have been encouraging you to take a look  πŸ•΅οΈ‍♀️ in the mirror at where you are in life and who you have become. However, if you have been living life half asleep, yup sounds harsh, then you may not truly feel an urgency to take a candid look. You may be thinking hey, I’m comfortable right where I am why try and fix it if it’s not broken? If this is you, if you are satisfied then it is a MUST that you do the exercise that Daniel explains in this video to find your number. I am not talking Chinese astrology I am talking about your Life number.

Your life number comes from the average of the Four, the Four Pillars to your life that represents your strength and stability. If you are building a table and one of the legs of this table is shorter than the other then the table will be off balance won't it, ultimately causing the table to topple over? When you don't focus on the development of your Pillars your stability is compromised as these uphold your life. This is relevant to your greater purpose. Noooow let’s find out what the Four Pillars are to provide you with a starting point on your journey to success.

#1 Pillar of Health 
As my Nana used to say, without your health you have nothing. Diet, exercise, sleep, meditation, stress reduction are the focus. Health IS wealth, believe that.

#2 Pillar of Wealth 
That is why you have found our page, is it not? You have the inner desire to become successful, obtain financial stability and take your time back.

#3 Pillar of Love and Relationships 
We all as humans want and deserve to have meaningful connections. We literally need to love and be loved.

#4 Pillar of Contribution and Spiritual Development
Horace Mann said, “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

Once you have your life number you are able to determine what area(s) you need to focus on improving. If you give yourself to one Pillar only neglecting the others you will remain weak, unbalanced and prone to personal failure. And you just may topple over like that table. Can you see how they are all connected? When you start to improve one then the tendency that the others fall in line is much greater.

Now be honest with yourself. The only person that you are lying to is YOU, and by pretending you stay in the same place you are now!  πŸ™ˆ πŸ™‰ πŸ™Š

Check out the video here:

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