Excellency: Become Influential by Serving Others

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Excellent service I received from a Breakdown Mechanic

We all go through challenges from time to time but those experiences should not derail and deter us from growing and developing right mindsets which helps us to live enriching and fulfilled lifestyles. Recently, I had a car breakdown and my bank then arranged for someone to come to attend to it and this gentleman was so friendly, courteous and provided excellent service. He went on to tell me that he does not usually attend to these sort of emergencies but this was a one-off. The guy told me that he works for Aston Martin so he serves most of these rich and famous sports and entertainment celebrities at their houses. Already I had seen that there was something  different about this guy before he had even told me which company he was coming from. He confirmed that he had 35 years of working in the industry serving the rich and famous.

What struck me was the extra mile he went to help me retrieve the engine oil cap that I had accidentally dropped in the engine. He was getting to the end of his day but he determined that he would not go until he had helped me retrieve it. Representing a big brand like Aston Martin, it is a no brainer that when you serve influential people, you also need to show an excellent service and this is what I learnt from this Mechanic. Just by the quality and excellent service, he already made an impact in me which helped shape my own mindset and how I can also be of great service to others. Adding value and caring for others should be seamlessly embedded in the life of everyone who is serious about greatness, influence and fulfillment. 

Serve others with Love and You will become Influential

What comes to your mind when you think of influence? Is it money or it is leadership through rendering service to others?

In this blog, I would like to encourage you to prioritise the habit of influencing those around you through selfless acts of love and service. There is greater fulfilment in living life for the greater good of others,. When you do that, let me tell you that you would have discovered your purpose and life would become more sweeter and fulfilling.

There are so many ways in which all of us can serve others and look out for each other. Some can do it through leading from the front as community leaders, providing solutions for others, being problem solvers and having genuine concern for other people's well being. This is a great sign of leadership and when you do that, it will become so much easier to continue adding value in others and finally you will get rewarded for that. Its a good sign for one to serve passionately without even thinking of reards and when you keep that habit of service, you will likely to automatically get rewarded for it in one way or the other. 

Become intentional about your goals

I encourage you to become intentional about your goal of aiming to help others and making a difference in their lives. The good thing with such an approach is that you will never experience failure and its associated disappointments. How can you feel a sense of failure when your motive is mainly service rather than just profit?

Great people who have gone on to make massive differences in the lives of other people have always been driven not by personal ambition but by the good of others. These are our celebrated heroes. You too can become a celebrated hero in your family, community, nation and your world through compassion on others, being thoughtful and service to others.  Gone are the days when businesses used to thrive on competitively brutal 'Dragon's Den' approaches yet the modern digital economy approaches are mainly soft and persuasive as in Online Marketing. It is is more of a collaborative way of doing business through utilising humane and close interpersonal engagements. It looks at identifying a need or a dilemma that someone is facing and then seeks to provide solutions.  Solution providers are leaders.

When we think of doing business or venturing in a money producing activity, the main problem I tend to see is that everyone is looking for money as an end in itself.  In my opinion, that way of looking at life seems to be short-sighted, as there is quite a lot that one can do just by serving others.  Longer term goals and bigger goals should have a macro focus, bigger than just the 'me,myself and I' mindset.

One way of looking at life would to ask yourself 

  • "what legacy would I be known for?
  • what is it that's going to outlive me?
  • whose life would I transform on this earth?"

These sort of questions are normally good in triggering in you a desire to live out your purpose. When you live out to help others and seeing changes in other people's lives, you will be making a difference and in no time, you can easily get rewarded for it and you feel fulfilled. 

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