It Should Be Fun

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Hello Everyone,

I did not know what I was going to write about this week as it has been a bit of a struggle to draw most of the week. The setting up to do it was ok but the drawing itself seemed to be flat and I just felt like i ws popping one out just so i could day i had done it for the day which, did not feel right.

When i was in that mindset the sketch showed it. I did not feel i was progressing and things seemed wonky and not in the correct proportion even though I was 'following the rules'.

           It Should Be Fun

It Should Be Fun

Then it hit me that the whole reason i was doing this challenge for myself was for it to be fun as i loved drawing as well as to improve my skills.  I had a great time last Sunday doing some drawings to put in my neices 10th birthday card as i could not visit at the moment or get a proper present. I spent a lot of time doing some little girl characters and practicing my colouring skills with markers and i did several of them to make sure I got it right.  You know what? hours went by without me realising and I injoyed every minute of it.  Although i love drawing faces what i really like to do is draw stylised and character faces, that's the type of art I like.  It should be fun and to me drawing characters or fashion illustration is fun.  I have learn't some of the basic principles of proportions and now I am going to play with those to draw the faces I want to draw, not what I think I should draw.  I have put one of the pictures I did for my niece below and you can see how different the 'should' to the 'want' drawing above is.

             It Should Be Fun

To see all my other sketches for the week head on over to my instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Happy sketching and remember 'it should be fun'!


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