PART TWO Jamaica Dangerous? I share My Day in Jamaica and tell you all about it!

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In the afternoon we take a cab from the beach because the sea in front of the house is full of cliffs and there are people, who are into diving and jumping off the cliffs in Ricks Place. A famous place where we connected with American people and people from Canada.

So we go to this beach bar made of old wood and really traditional. The local pattie man stops by and recognized us and we get a sort of shaved ice drink for free together with some paid for local patties with chicken in it. Nice one. life is good.

One legged man is looking at me and has a stall at the water line. I go and see Hello! and have a chat with him. He is sound and always makes me laugh despite is one leg. He inspires me and tells a lot of stories!  A lot of Jamaicans come to the beach bar here and in the evening you can listen to a band with your feet still peddling in the Carribean Sea! That's what I call Holiday.

Rosa is playing with this Jamaican family who arrive late in the day because it's hot. There are 4 mums and about 12 kids I count. They are all playing in the sand on the beach and I provide them with an ice cream! I knot friendly. I am happy they took the ice cream. They are proud people you know. Very proud! We stay till sunset drink some more and get ready for Dinner! 

Well, Is jamaica Dangerous or not?

you always have the good and the bad. without good, there is no bad right?

On the way to Negril, we got stopped. What happened? What happened to the guy next door where I was staying. Is there Crime in Negril? Do I recommend Negril? Yes without a doubt I recommend it. I have heard no stories about the tourist who are badly threatened.

I do not recommend going to Kingston on your own because there are some bad areas. Just go with a guide and you be safe! Don't travel alone in the darkest hours in the sticks either. I would not do that in New York either if you never been there. You get familiar first and talk to the locals! You learn from the locals! and you will be just fine.

Do you want to know what happened to the neighbor, well he was very naughty and did bad drugs dealing an got shot and was dead? Yes, he was and we all heard it, but Police was there in minutes with SCI Jamaica. A bit of cabaret we always say. This only happens because of his lifestyle not because we visit Jamaica as a tourist. They will not shoot the right normal tourist person! This was just an unlucky event! And this was close by but there is danger everywhere as soon as we walk out the door, right. I live close to Amsterdam and we have crime there but lots of tourists come and what about the terrorist attacks in Europe. Next time I do a story about Amsterdam. Beautiful Amsterdam wit his canals and coffee shops where you can not get a coffee:)

Did you like the article? Well give me thumbs up and write a comment about what you like to know about Amsterdam. Next story will be about THE DAM as we call it. All of it? Do you like my article> share it! See you All in Jamaica. TTFN. Bless! 

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