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I'm a Real Connoisseur of Blues Music Myself. I Only Like to Learn from the Best!..I'd Prefer to Listen to the Old Recordings and learn That Way - the Hard Way. This is The Way Eric Clapton Learnt for Example.

Sure, I've Checked out Youtube , Learnt Some Songs off there But I Have Always Had to Tweak Them...

Blues is So Powerful and You Cannot Fake it, It's the Foundation of Rock 'N' Roll and Alongside Folk Music, Lead the Revival Movement in the 60's.....Of Which People Still to This Day Cannot Argue That it is a Top Contender for the Best Era of Music...

The Old Blues, the Real Blues is So Hard to Find, Especially on the Internet...If You've Ever Heard Live Blues Played Properly its a Magical Experience, and If You Can Play the Blues Yourself it's a Great Asset to Any Gig!


Authentic Original Blues

The Foundation of Modern Music Can Be Followed Directly to the Blues, In Particular the Delta Blues. The Delta Blues is the Real Authentic Blues that Is Something Else..The Delta Blues - 'originated in the Mississippi Delta, a region of the United States stretching from Memphis, Tennessee, in the north to Vicksburg, Mississippi, in the south and from Helena, Arkansas, in the west to theYazoo River in the east'. (wikipedia).

If You Want to Learn the Real Blues The Delta Blues is the Best Place to Start. I Scoured the Internet for Free Courses and Youtube Clips but the Truth is If You Want Quality you Have to Pay Your Dues!

I Finally Discovered Jim Bruce's 'From Texas to the Delta' Online Guitar Course and Haven't Looked Back!

Check Out His Site and Testimonials and Video Clips of His Incredible Style, Thoroughness and Ingenuity In Delivering Great Lessons!

Testimonial from Site -

“Dear Jim, I just wanted to write and tell you my thoughts on your lessons - they are better than any of the YouTube acoustic blues lessons that are teasers for professional videos that I've seen (and this includes some of the major finger style publications).

I find that your method, thoroughness, quality, and personable style not to mention the sheer bulk of songs make your package incredible value.”

Access 'From Texas to the Delta' Guitar Course

Check it Out!

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