Lessons from Messi & Ronaldo: Perfect your Art

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Footballing Gifts of the 21st Century

This 21st century we have witnessed two phenomenal footballers in the form of the seemingly 'humble little magician' from Argentina, Lionel Messi and the seemingly 'arrogant super athlete' from Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo. These two have consistently destroyed opponents, Messi being naturally gifted despite his small frame and Ronaldo with sheer power,skill and atheleticism.

There are great lessons to draw from these two football geniuses who have graced the stadiums and provided great value and entertainment to millions of people all over the world. Not only are they of different personality dispositions but they also have different styles of play, yet they have managed to consistently produce more or less similar results year in, year out. It's been incredible to see such tremendous talent, to an extent that their imagined sporting rivalry has been widely publicised in the media.


Self belief &Winning mentality is key

Form is temporary but class is permanent!

To stay on top of your game, its not enough to have talent, you need to have a winner mindset and confidence, even to an extent that such self belief is misconstrued as arrogance. Successful personalities in the business world today rely on Masterminding groups and sessions to maintain the winning mentality. Messi and Ronaldo have both won a combined ten FIFA Ballon d'Or awards (5 for Messi and 5 for Ronaldo). They have also regularly broken the 50 goal barrier in a single season. These are phenomenal footballers indeed.

Perfect your art

The purpose of this blog is not to go on and on to talk about football; it is to inspire you to learn to perfect your ART. By definition, art is the expression or application of human creative skill, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. In the sense of their immense talents, Messi and Ronaldo are not just sportsmen, they are sublime football artists.

In life and in your chosen art, discipline, career or business, one needs to know their own strengths which defines them, which sets them apart from others. In other terms, having 'your mojo' or area of influence. Using your God given talent is important. It sets you apart as an authority in that particular area if you consistently develop your skills, applying yourself appropriately through learned positive habits, right training ,mentoring and use of those skills.

Knowing of self is very important. Some rely mostly on natural extreme talent/skill while others its through sheer determination and hardwork. In my opinion and as widely observed by pundits and other footballers, Messi has more talent, a 'supernatural' talent as described by one opponent while Ronaldo has built himself through dogged determination ahead of talent. However, what cannot be taken away about both players is how well they have applied themselves by remaining disciplined, hardworking and consistent, head and  shoulders above other footballers.


Whether you have natural talents or sheer tenacity, its always important to invest in yourself by receiving training and mentoring to perfect your art. Talent alone or tenancity alone will not do the job in most cases. Learning from others is the best way to be relevant and adapt. In our world today, one area to adapt is in the use of technology in business. ADAPT or PERISH!

Most people have natural skills in areas of leadership,writing, inspiring, blogging, networking, social skills, teaching etc and they would like to be influential. However, they don't know how to reach out to others to serve people with their talents and neither do they know how to create value by monetising their talents and areas of influence.

In this digital age, you can receive training and mentoring which can help you to start your online business which enables you to use your talents, thereby doing what you are passionate about while getting paid for it. 

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