LORD TOPH on Creativity & Originality

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LORD TOPH on Creativity & Originality

All my life I have accepted challenges as they come. Through trial and error, I have always found some form of resolve… a solution to the problem. In order to create, and continue being a creative, I’ve had to apply this method of thought integrated with action. Resilience is the key to bringing concepts into fruition or full bloom, if you will; especially in the artistic realm. It enables you to believe in your ideas and ideals and to follow through with them from start to finish.

Sometimes the most simplistic idea can yield the most brilliant concept. To bring life to originality, and support to innovation, there must be unadulterated vision infused. I founded Monté CrisToph Multimedia for that very purpose. To see fresh, original ideas bring forth wonderfully creative endeavors was and still is my mission.

In this time of exponential growth in the technological world, boundaries and limitations have been expanded. This has occurred in the entertainment world as well. Today, an artist can enhance their creativity with the aid of technology in ways that were unimaginable ten years ago, let alone fifteen or twenty. Yet I feel this could easily be a double edged sword and often times it proves to be more of a hinderance to originality; especially when technology becomes the crutch to exhibit originality.

For example, in music… When technology changes, so does the sound. This prudent fact can completely cripple a potentially classic song, especially if it is over-ridden with effects, edits, and technological embellishments. Much of today’s music, I feel, suffers because of this. As I have come to understand through many defining results, less is often times more. The honesty and purity of a creation shines true when less is needed to define its importance. By applying this notion to our day to day lives, many of us would be considerably a lot better off by how we communicate with others, express ourselves, and with the decisions we make.

Listening to sound advice is one thing, yet it is an entirely different stake to apply it, even if it is your own. I make a conscious effort to hear and heed my own theories and creative beliefs with each endeavor I take on. It becomes more visceral to incorporate it in the things you do, what you say and where you may go from place to place. Originality is factored in automatically as your truths are developed from your own unique experiences. What you choose to create and share with others as a result, is entirely up to you. Yes, it is true that it has been said that, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Yet your inner thoughts, personal inspirations, epiphanies, etc., are all things that are born and reside within you. The beautiful thing about this, is these are things that exist within you even before they even see the light of day. How they are brought into fruition divulges your originality.

Creativity has been the life force of my existence and without a shadow of a doubt, shall continue to be. Having the symbiotic pairing of originality and creativity is truly a gift to have. For me and my purpose of being here… it is a gift I intend to share.

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