There's More Than One Way To Draw Something

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well.  This week I wanted to share that there’s more than one way to draw something.

My sketches this week have been a bit all over the place. I have done noses, hairstyles, faces, mouths and a curvy lady. Different things on different days, whatever took my fancy.

There's More Than One Way To Draw Something


I have also been watching lots of you tube tutorials as well.  Searching under how to draw, faces/noses/eyes/lips etc.  It helps me if I am lacking in any motivation or inspirations but also on finding new ideas and techniques to try.  One thing that I noticed above all else was that there’s more than one way to draw something, in fact there are multiple ways of doing things. 

More Than One Way

There is no ‘right’ way either just the way that suits you at that moment in time.  For example, for me the Loomis method I use for drawing faces, but I only use this for bigger faces.  If I am doing a fashion sketch and the head size is roughly between 2 to 2.5 cm depending on the sketchbook I am using it does not work as well so I use an upside down egg shape as that works better.

New Discovery - Eyes

While watching my weekly YouTube tutorials I came across a new way to draw eyes.  Rather than starting with an almond or leaf shape, starting with a circle e.g. the eyeball itself.  As the eye ball is a 3D ball shape that sits inside the eye socket and the eye lids curve around the ball shape of the eye, this gave me a new perspective. It helped me to  imagine more clearly in my mind what things would look like.  I built everything around the eyeball.

          There's More Than One Way To Draw Something

I have put my sketch here of the basic steps I took to show how I built the eye and used the ideas I gained from the YouTube tutorial.  I have numbered the steps so you can see easily and I also tested it out by drawing a pair of eyes in a face. It’s easy to draw one eye but to draw a pair is another thing entirely and it worked! 

I am going to play around with this a bit more next week in my sketches so that I build my own style around it.  What I have learned this week is that sometimes it’s the way that things are described to you can change your understanding and perception completely and most importantly that there’s more than one way to draw something!

Have a go at this method if you are struggling with drawing eyes and let me know how you get on.  To see my sketches of the week go to my Instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Happy Sketching.


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