DJ Dance Demo

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Welcome to a quick share, have a listen to the link below

Wanting to give a little insight into the functioning systems that we have at our fingertips now...

Mixture of modern dance beats.

The lyrics are as important in this as it shows an expression is in any piece of music there is vast amounts of time involved.

The technology that we have today to enable us to control music, videos, information and share it so that others can listen or interpret that expression is so new. Whether it be in an opera house or during day to day lives, it has changed very quickly relative to the human race. Do we take the time to actually take note to what we are listening to.

The art of the dj is to control and manipulate music that when played to population, that population can relate to it, ideally a wavelength of energy can be created.

The effect of music is profound and can be used in a multitude of different times of you day to day life.

We take in more that we listen to than what we see most of the time.

I hope this music makes you feel something, please give 3 word comments below

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