Music in the1980's: Bliss for our ears?

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We just came out from one of those events you cannot deny it was an awesome experience. For those like us, over forty years of age and born and bred in the 'magical era' of the 1980s, musical celebration is a 'necessity'

Listening up to those tunes, not only makes you relive the days when your state of mind was effervescent and jolly, it points out the fact that nowadays the world we live in is much-deteriorated state than that we used to reside in.

Anyway, apart from the social development of our planet, those tunes were a merry part of our existence!

And you? What do you remember of that era? What musical piece makes you fly with the wings of nostalgia?

Certainly, my best piece of memory relies on the song 'Wild Boys' by 'Duran Duran'. That's Pierre talking and as a jolly, effervescent boy I was that time, that tune was like a 'hymn'. It was lived much more than a song, and the effect it had on us at that time of our development was purely 'magical' and 'inspirational'.

  • What was your favourite 1980's song?

  • Can you tell us what it meant to you?

  • What memories it brings you back?

Certainly, everyone has his own piece of music that makes him fly lightly on its tune. We don't pretend that you tell us your youth days, but we would like to experience with all of those who are reading these few words, what happens to you when you re-listen that melody that it means so much to yourself.

Anyway, music is magic; music is pure imagination.

And memories that they tangle up are bliss from our deep unconscious.

Enjoy that, and never forget we are like never-grown up adults.

Peter Pan would surely be a good mentor to us!

Pierre & Simone Bonavia Camilleri

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