Naming Your Guitar

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Its a Funny Thing, Giving This Unique Identification to Your Guitar. You Know, I've had My Guitar, Which is Very Precious to me, For 11 Years and I STILL Haven't Given Her a Name..Though I Do Feel I Know Her On a Deep Level.

Of Things I Do Know it's a She...and Her Name Begins with a B..........

For Me the Difficulty Arose in Naming Her Because I Felt a Certain Guilt to Give Her a Name As if She Was a Secret Lover..I Mean, You Don't Get To Choose Your Girlfriends Name!

And No Doubt, There is Some Sort of Sexual/Romantic Connection Going on There.

Maybe This Scenario is Unique to Me? Perhaps You Are Just Friends or Business Partners?

I Guess It Is What You Make it...That's the Beauty of it!

The Thing Is You Intuitively Know Your Guitars Name..Even if You Don't..

Mines Bea....I Just Hadn't Taken The Time To Really Acknowledge That.

Thanks For Helping Me Name My Guitar, Now It's Time To Name Yours!

All the Best

A Jolly Swagman,



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