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I have had a feeling inside me my whole life, that I did not understand until the last couple of years.  A feeling that I was meant to do something great with my life.  I have discovered that my purpose is to inspire and encourage others, simply by being myself.  I have an extraordinary personality that is very infectious and Almighty God has placed gifts and talents inside me that mean that, when I bring them out of me, I can see the effects that they have on others.

One way of inspiring and encouraging others, is through this platform here with my articles.  I also got a feeling that I was going to write books in the future, and then I thought, what am I waiting for, why not start writing one now, in preparation.  So I have.

Through my recent challenges, I have found myself realising that, I myself need to take heed of the advice and suggestions that I have been giving and making in my own articles.  As I'm sure you have noticed yourself, it's easy to see where other people are going wrong and where they need to improve, but it takes a high level of self-awareness and brutal honesty to see the areas of your own life that you need to improve greatly.

I have learnt so much during my recent challenges, which I am very grateful for, however it is the application of the lessons learnt that really counts, and I also realise how far I still have to go in my own personal development.  Just looking back to a few months ago, makes me realise the level of my personal growth, which only heightens my sense of gratitude.

One of the biggest lessons that I have learnt, is to not berate myself for any mistake that I have made recently, or at any time in the past, and to not even view it as a mistake, but as part of my journey.  A part of my process of learning, applying and developing into the person that Almighty God made me to be.

This is a mindset which takes a lot of work to develop, as I have to constantly remind myself of these healthy principles.  However, I am thankful that I am on the right path.


Thank you for reading!

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