Patience, Practice And Peace

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Hello Everyone 

Well I have completed the third week of drawing everyday and it is now starting to feel like part of the norm of my daily routine.  I do get the odd days where i think 'shall I skip it?, I'm tired' but then I get that feeling of dissapointment tug at my gut that I know would come later.  I would be breaking the promise to myself as well as the people I am sharing this with.

How Does It Feel

I wanted to share about the sense of peace and purpose that i seem to have found since starting this challenge. When i finish my day job and then start to do my sketch and I tick it off my list for the day I then feel like I have accomplished something meaningful. It could only be a little sketch but that does not seem to matter.  It is the fact I have taken action on something that I enjoy doing.

                   Patience, Practice And Peace

Patience, Practice And Peace

This week I have found that I really had to go back to basics as I seemed to have reached a plateau with the male faces I was drawing.  I was struggling with the three quarter few and proportions, they just looked off on one side even on the straight on views.  I was feeling a bit discouraged but then it hit me that I needed to go back to the basic shapes and proportions and practice, practic, practice.  And by that I mean draw A LOT of them over and over.  I will need to do this over a period of time until it feels second nature and then build up from there, patience, practice and peace!  Practice can give you a sense of peace but it takes patience to do it, but it is so worth it.

Patience, Practice And Peace

Head over to my instagram page @zoebadgerart to view my sketches for this week.

Happy sketching


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