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We are all so blessed to be living on a planet, so rich in resources, that we have everything that we need and want.  The abundance of resources is far too many to list here, however we need to look after our wonderful planet, so that we do not run out of those resources, especially considering our increasing population size.

I believe that I became more environmentally conscious after I became a father.  Up until then, I thought that the environment was someone else's problem.  Thankfully, I began to realise that every single human being has a responsibility to do their part in preserving what we have.

Thankfully, I was brought up with the philosophy 'money doesn't grow on trees' so I was encouraged to not be wasteful and to look after my belongings.  I am so grateful for that, because I developed a great sense of gratitude and have always appreciated the value of looking after things, so that they last longer.

As a consequence of that philosophy and the birth of my wonderful son, I have become very passionate about recycling.  I hardly throw away anything, as nearly every packet or container that I buy is recyclable.  I sometimes ask myself why do I bother, because I see so many people around me that don't bother.  However, it is very important to me to lead by example, and to make my contribution.

The right attitude, is to do the best that you can do and then leave the rest up to Almighty God.

Some months ago, I saw a post on Facebook about a woman who had moved to Denmark and could not believe the amount of food that was being wasted by grocery stores.  She felt so strongly about it, that she decided to do something about it.  In short, she has influenced massive changes in the policies of the largest grocery stores.  A woman without any contacts before moving to Denmark, not a high-powered executive or highly educated woman, but a very passionate woman who decided to take action.  What a fantastic example to us all.

Do not think that global issues are someone else's problem.  We all have a responsibility.  Make sure that you are making your contribution to looking after our wonderful planet, because it belongs to all of us.


Thank you for reading! 

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