Power and Creation Within

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My gratification to my mum who has created me and her mum who has created, with you both, I would never exist in this world. I thank you for all the life experience and knowledge and the power to create to provide the space for each and everyone to express anything here.  You would never know until you start and the end is already created.  Thank you for all the amazing life, I am so grateful!

It is funny in life how something repeats itself.  For example years ago when our son was twelve years old he wanted to join a Lion Dance Troupe.  This is a traditional Chinese performance which is usually held at Chinese New Year.  It can be held any other time as it is a blessing for good luck.  Our son was told he needed to join the Martial Arts Club before he could partake in a Lion Dance as the movements required are all related to the exercises taught at the club.

So he began and has been in the club for over ten years and has performed the Dance countless number of times.  

Fast forwarded and our daughter has two sons, one of who is infatuated with anything to do with the Lion Dance!

Since he was 2 and a half years old, he has played with a small lion head given to him by his Aunty.  Even before that he used to improvise and use a clothes basket or a cardboard box as a head.  Beating a box or bongo drum, he imitated the sound of the beat played during a dance.

He would tie a piece of cloth (to act as the body) to whatever he was using as a Head, and force his brother or sister to go in the tail.

Now, he is a member of the same club as our son, and of course, has access to the real Lion heads and tails.  He has started to perform playing all the musical instruments and is learning the steps for the Lion Dance.

The fun and laughter he has given us during this have been worth all the money in the world.  Just as it was years ago with our son.

Life is like a box of chocolate and you do not know what you are going to get inside the chocolate!  Have fun and be inspired and imagine what would this take you.  Our son is currently in China pursuing his talent in Martial Art and creating the life that he loves and we would not know until you start and just do it! 

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