Queens day in Amsterdam written by a Dutchie!

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Is Queensday in Amsterdam, the best day out?

If you planning to travel to Amsterdam then this is the best day of the year. Not because of warmth but to experience the Dutch hospitality. Every year we had queens day in Holland on the 30 of April. Nowadays this date is moved to 27 April because we have a King now.

Let me tell you what it is like to be in Amsterdam on 27 April. Well, it is absolute madness! It is crazy in a very nice way.

Streets are full of food and people, the vibe is to die for!

This is the time of the year that you are allowed to sell everything on the street for free. There are people sitting the day before to get the best spot to sell all kinds of things out of the house. From your boxed-up baby clothes to a fresh homemade sangria and furniture! Most sellers have a piece of cloth right in front of them outside their house. They are all sitting really close together, Like if it is the first day of sunshine on a crowded beach. Its good fun and everybody is up for a chat and a story.

The streets are crowded with people and the canals are jam-packed with boats and the best thing, everybody out there is dressed in orange with funny heats or bows! This is kings day op top with live music and DJ’s. You know we have the best ones ;) On every boat are people standing and drinking and most boats have music too. I have never seen so many boats ever in the Canals of Amsterdam than the 27th of April.

Right away if you walk out of the central station of Amsterdam you see a big orange cloud and when you see it for the first time. You think what the heck is this. It is Kingsday where everything and anything is completely in the color orange. Everybody is your best friend and the vibe is to die for. When you stroll along and take a right quite quickly after coming out of central Station you come in the area which we call the Jordaan. You will still find the original Amsterdammer here!

The Jordaan.

The Jordaan area of the city of Amsterdam is a very old part of the town and a lot of the houses are very tall and narrow and not stand completely straight anymore. The houses are all built on wooden polls.

The Jordaan is well known for a lot of our Folksingers who sing about this beautiful area. On the end of the Jordaan, you will find the famous Anne Frank Huis at the Prinsengracht 263-267, but that’s not a good idea to go for on kings day. Kingsday is a party to celebrate the birthday of the king and connect with everybody around you.

We have a couple big famous squares that are all within walking distance from each other. So is there our famous Leidseplein and that’s where the coffee shop the Bulldog is. If you are lucky Hans Dulfer the father of the Dutch Candy Dulfer who played with Prince will have a play on his saxophone. Other nice squares are the Rembrandtplein in memory of our great painter Rembrandt. The renewed Rijks museum in Amsterdam shows a lot of his beautiful paintings where the Nachtwacht will be the most known.

Anyway, we drifting a bit here. On kings day it does not matter where you are because there is a party all over the city.When I am there that day I go to the Vondelpark with a group of ten and we bring bottles of wine and some nice food with us and all have a gathering sitting on the grass in the park. When we spent a couple of hours, we go for a walk an talk through the city and watch and wave at the people in the boats.

Oh, I love Kingsday. It is this energy going on in the day when everybody is united and forget their problem and chatting and dancing on the streets! You can watch the DJ's playing close to the museum or dive into a more quiet street and have a party on your own. Kingsday is a must go when U want to visit Amsterdam. For everybody, there will be something of their likings. You don’t know what hits you! A real surprise and there is nothing I can compare it with. I hear that all the time from our visitors out of the UK.

Well, I sure hope to see you in Amsterdam if you wanna taste a bit of the Dutch hospitality then this is the day you don't wanna miss! 

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