LORD TOPH on Reciting “A Crooked Shadow”

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Reciting “A Crooked Shadow”


Often times what is written affects us. Or more specifically, it moves us emotionally. Yet the same written words can become more intensified when delivered in a certain manner. I would like to share with you an excerpt from my book entitled, “Five Old Wives’ Tales.” It is a small collection of fictional proverbs; each is narrated by a different individual to uniquely enhance each composition. This is the one which I narrate to share with you. I truly do hope you enjoy it.

“A crooked shadow of a man means good fortune has abandoned him” 

A pen, a brush, and a few scored lines

These are all the things I leave behind

Yes – this is what I am made of

My design


Yet how is it that I would come to be confined?

In this mass merciless lull

That leaves men blind

Mediocrity – even in the most meager degree

Is surely not suited for me

Nor shall be her assets

Of impecunious means


Today’s sun is boldly being hidden

By a quiet sky

With copious loads of clouds

In desolate shrouds of gray

I am without a shadow now

Much to my dismay


During this bleak compendium

A scene appears in sheets of slanted rain

Which came early on this morn

To rival my planned agenda

To disrupt my cause

In some abrupt disturbing way


It is apparent

That some hint of reason has been ensued

And now serves as lesson

To ring true


If not so – then my peril is in vain

I shall be abased and accept its ranks

Should it be that all I might rightfully claim

Is an advent of which I must sum up by saying

A crooked shadow of a man

Means good fortune has abandoned him


Gone south are his impervious plans

When his shadow comes to bend

His shillings shall be sparse and slim


I am not yet doomed to accept this state

Of being sedentary in disposition

While lying here in wait


With bills a many

And dreams waylaid

I charge my pen to contend my debts

As my brush shall stroke away

All my misfortunes

And absolve all my disdain


Through scored lines of composed notes

The song will silently come

That I shall sing and come to know

Despite the dictum of contrary gloat


I – and my melody shall bring irony

To those who vote

Those who choose to accept and believe

An ignorant notion as it has been told


I am not the man

Of bended fate

Nor the metaphor infamously known

I am indeed the reaper of my good deeds

From a domain far afield

To a dominion of minions

Who worship foolish idioms

Bestowed on those below


Slighted and succumbed

They are in their plight

And destined they are to be

Consumed by their predicament

Under the veil

Of a crooked shadow


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“A Crooked Shadow”

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