Sketch Everyday Challenge

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Hello Everyone,

The sketch everyday challenge for a year is now completed :-) I started on the first week of March 2020 and finished this week.  If it’s one thing I can recommend its to sketch everyday and even better to make it a challenge if you are unsure.

First & Last Pictures

I thought it fitting to share some of my first and last drawings side by side.

My first figures when I started next to my latest figure drawing yesterday, wow!

Sketch Everyday Challenge Sketch Everyday Challenge

First & Last Faces

Sketch Everyday Challenge      Sketch Everyday Challenge

OMG what a difference even though the last one is unfinished you can still see the progress.

Challenge Outcome

Although I set out to do one sketch every day, I did not quite make 365 as life does happen.  There were some days I did more than one sketch.  I also did another challenge within this challenge (the ABC challenge).  

This is the time when it’s ok to compare and look back to take stock of how far you have come.  I will let the sketches speak for themselves, they speak volumes to me!  They also give me the courage to carry on sketching everyday and as much as I can.  I have not even scratched the surface of what I can learn and skills I can develop. How exciting is that?  The biggest takeaway is the belief that I have potential and that I can do it!

Funny how the biggest take away is not necessarily about the art skills themselves but rather about mindset and self worth!

So how about doing a sketch everyday challenge for yourself? You never know what you might discover!

To see my sketches for the week head on over to my Instagram account @zoebadgerart.

My next blog post won’t be for a few weeks as I am setting up my own website and all future posts will then  be found here going forward. I look forward to seeing you on my new website :-)

Happy Sketching


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