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I read earlier, that there was 1 million dollars spent per minute, at the peak of Black Friday.  At a rate of 2800 orders per minute, shoppers didn't even need to leave their homes, as all this was done online.

I haven't heard about any records being broken, but that is a staggering amount of money to be spent.  After reading the headline to the article, I thought to myself, how much of that money was spent on items that were actually needed.

I mean, we have just entered a crazy period for spending, the month before Christmas.  People running around like headless chickens, trying to find the best deals and spending ridiculous amounts of money.  In a lot of cases, money that they cannot actually afford to spend, and so run up debts in order to get what they want.

A wrote an article recently about the tremendously successful businessman Ray Dalio, and I saw a tweet from him today where he suggests that, instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on meaningless items, that we donate money to each others favourite charities.  In his tweet he wrote that he has been giving that way to family and friends for years and has found it wonderful.

What a great idea!  That way all the money goes to a good cause and helps people who really need it.  A win win situation!

If you happen to be blessed with a favourable financial situation, I know how hard it is to exercise restraint at this time of the year.  The commercial activity of retail organisations is beyond measure, all vying for your attention.  However restraint is what is needed, unless you take up Mr Dalio's suggestion.  In which case, you can loosen the purse strings.

Do the right thing with your hard earned cash.


Thank you for reading!

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