Subconscious Synchronicity In Sydney City

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In this blog, we're watching my former self play through Metamorphosis, another piece by Northlane. I'll tell you how I came to move to Sydney chasing after the new dream, and explain some tips for surviving a real metamorphosis.


Going through Metamorphosis in the garage

From Adelaide To Sydney, Perfect Timing

In 2012 there was a very different and new energy around in Adelaide. I had gone vegan at the start of the year, and many things in my life started to shift dramatically. After doing many shows and trips with Graveyards, I could feel the cycle coming to an end as I started to outgrow my surroundings and look to the future.

Right on time, and maybe as a result of the online publicity I had generated, I was contacted by a band in Sydney that were very interested to work with me as part of the band. A new cycle started. I learned a lot of new material, I practiced relentlessly, and when the time came, I packed all of my things into my car and I drove to Sydney by myself. I have many, many great and fond memories of this time, even if it did all come unstuck later.


Beautiful Sydney Harbour, featuring Harbour Bridge and Opera House

It was an amazing trip and I was very optimistic about the whole thing. Within a couple of weeks I was working at JB Hi-Fi just in time for christmas 2012. I had a new home, a new job and some new friends. What I experienced though was lack of organisation, and a lot of frustration. I seemed to be on a completely different wavelength to my peers. The band inevitably didn't work out and I parted ways with them quite soon after arriving in Sydney, leaving me in a foreign environment to work it out for myself.

Discoveries, Portals, Chrysalis

Discoveries was released on November 11, 2011, aka 11/11/11. Riding a wave of higher conscious energy that was sweeping the scene, they released the right type of album in the right type of climate, instantly changing the Australian local music game, and sending waves out internationally. It was an incredible time to be involved in the alternative music scene of Australia.


Discoveries - Album Art

For this first video in Sydney, I went back to some Northlane for November 11, 2012: 1 year since Discoveries was released. I chose to play Metamorphosis, which was not only a technical and physical challenge, but the ideas within the lyrics were resonating with me at the time. There were many easier and more popular songs I could have chosen from Northlane, but this one did stick out.

The video features some left foot lead, some very technically minded and complex rhythm passages, large stick trick combos and a regularly changing time signature. It is the type of challenge that allows me to sink into it and make sure I get everything onto the plate. I had access to a friend's DSLR with some rudimentary microphones and recording equipment, and the metamorphosis cover was squeezed out of the garage.


I've lived life drained; void of emotion - Metamorphosis

How To Survive A Metamorphosis

If we're just talking about drums, you survive Metamorphosis by transcribing accurately, persevering through the struggle and putting in a lot of practice. If we're talking about a real metamorphosis, for instance a time where you perceive the experience of rapid change, there are many tips I can give to you. The only constant is change.

Pay attention to yourself, your interests, your words, and what you see and hear. Trust your intuition and take action when you feel like you need to. Observe the self without judgement. Spend time alone. I thought I was only posting this video on the 11/11 date for a bit of fun, but there is and was much more at play. I can now see my actions from the perspective of the future, and I can see into the mind of my former self. From here, I am the higher self.

Do you see the numbers? You might see different numbers, or you may see birds, plants, colours, shapes, lights, animals or anything else that holds a special meaning to you. At first, often for a long time, it is dismissed as coincidence or chance. I encourage you to question these events with an open and loving mind, and I implore you to step forward into the unknown. You are never alone.

Next Time...

Next time, I run through a bunch of different tracks briefly and give an update on my life in 2013. It was the first time I spoke on camera on my channel, and I was very nervous. Watch here!

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