Swedens oldest rappers Dagny Carlsson 105 years old

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A song to Unite the World and spread the hope for future. Dagny Carlsson a swedish blogger of an age of 105 have done a lot for mankind as a role model of highest exampel for others to follow, says Hannika Oberg Chairleader of ONG Bbeabridge. Dagny is a godmother of project Bbeabridge with aim to help youth around the World.

It is astonishing what one person can do for others she continues meanwhile she is preparing for broadcasting their new song for chrismas. 

It is our longing to help youth understand that there has been crisis before and there will be more to come but it is possible to overcome with possitive thinking and determination. There can be moments we need to cry a little say Dagny but after me must continue striving to fullfill our dreams and overcome our fear of living. Press here to hear the message from Dagny to youth (In Swedish). 

To hear the song press here

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