Switch Up My Art

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re week has been good. The weather here in the UK has been amazing bringing with it a lightness of spirit. With that lightness of spirit it has motivated me to switch up my art.

Change For Motivation

This week I have switched things up a bit, watching a lot of YouTube art videos again, practicing with shading and light and going back to doing some fashion croquis poses.  I had narrowed in on faces but now I wanted to expand outwards again to other things as I was feeling bit ‘face flat’!

Digital or Paper And Pencil?

I also played around with Procreate on my iPad and one evening totally disappeared I was so engrossed!  I was practicing  lips as I find them quite difficult to get right.  I tried starting with the middle of the mouth first and drawing that line then putting the others around it which has helped a lot.  I am simplifying it a lot here as there are a few other steps but not many. I have put my paper version below.

           Switch Up My Art

Working both digitally and with paper I found equally satisfying and really enjoy both although digital is taking a lot more practice!  My verdict is to use both and I will be keeping on switching up my art.

To see my sketches for the week check out my Instagram page @zoebadgerart.

Until next week Happy Sketching.


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