From Take A Break To Teach Yourself

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Hello Everyone,

Well this week I went from take a break to teach myself.  In last weeks post I said I would watch some YouTube tutorials on Procreate and just use my iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate as my tools.  Then do 3 tutorials and create a piece of artwork using the skills I gained from the tutorials. Well I did it and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


There are a plethora of tutorials out there on YouTube but the account I found with the best ones for me is Art With Flo. They are step by step and you can follow along at the same time. I watched them on my laptop with my iPad in front of me so I could pause the video when I needed to.  She explains things so well and simply so I could understand what things really meant. She didn’t go to fast either which is something that annoys me with a lot of the others.


The tutorials I have done are the sunrise and sunset ones and I have put one of them below for you so you can see. 

   From Take A Break To Teach Yourself

I have also been doing sketches of faces this week as well and I created my own pencil brush as the ones already with Procreate were’t giving me that pencil feel that I wanted.   I also like that on one drawing you can get the effect that you have used 3 or 4 pencils with just the one brush and the Apple Pencil.

       From Take A Break To Teach Yourself

To see all my artwork for the week and to check out my final piece of artwork from what I learn’t doing the tutorials see my Instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Happy Sketching


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