The Art of Left and Right Beats

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The art of left and right beats.  People tend to always judge a book by its cover as everyone already knows since way back from...

I'd like to start off by saying "Every time I try to get it right, I turn left." Unfortunately, this has been an issue for far too long.

When I get in the zone and try to be too creative, a part of me tells me to be more organized. When I find myself intuitive, all of a sudden things become systematic.  My goodness, I just can't win. So...nowadays when I pass that fork in the road of life as people refer to. I just head straight down the middle like it's my last breath left.

Everyone wants a piece of that pie of happiness in life and I don't blame them. Maybe it's because you have been through something that has dramatically changed your life.  Or...maybe it's that time that you think that something has definitely had to change in order to move forward. All in all, people search for that special feeling that no one can really describe.

For me, I call them left and right beats by understanding the power of Music In Silence.

When we can spend about 15 minutes interacting with someone, whether it's by one on one, by phone, by email, by articles, or even by reading another's page/blog.  Somehow, we connect with that individual.  I have been in the music industry for about 11 years and one thing I do understand is that it only takes one line or rhyme to touch someone.  It may not even be in the way that it was portrayed.  But, something sparked them to play the song over and over again. Especially the part that touched them.

So being that said...the everyday people are looking for that special magic inside of them but do not know where to look.

I believe I found it by accidentally discovering this learning platform and community that has guided me to where I am now.  If you are searching for the left and right beats, you have to at least click on the Banner (click here for more information) for your own purpose. Not anyone else's but your own. Welcome to the left and right beats of life. Learn to develop a free mind.

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