The power of an idea.

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I am back again, this time with another interesting article. Entertaining but you will also learn some things today. I promise you.

Today I want to talk about you, yeah you! You are powerful beyond measure maybe you know it and when you do you use the knowledge to get places you could never imagine and when you don't know it then you get to live under the guise that you are not controlling what is happening to you but all the while you are making all the bad choices. All the things that are happening to you are well within your control.

Owh such hubris to say such things Mr. Atwine. Who do you think you are?

Well, I am the guy going to tell you about the power of your brain today.

One time I read a book by Rick Warren he was talking about the processes in your head between the time you touch something hot and when you take your hand off the fires. You should read that specific part. It is mind-blowing. The book is a purpose driven life.

In short what He was trying to prove is that within you there is so much potential that if you discovered it and understood you would be scared of yourself. Yes if you are not yet scared of your capabilities maybe you are still second-guessing yourself. Once you learn to let loose and see the capacity of your innate nature. It will be quite an awakening! 

See everything you see here on earth can be reduced to a thought. Yes, a thought. This computer you are using was once a thought. The platform on which you are reading this was once a thought. You were once a thought also, some people thought of having a kid and here you are and you landing on this article you probably had to make a mental decision to search for something. 

Wait, its everywhere!

These thoughts are called a simple name, everyone uses this name. The name represents a process when you capture a creative thought. It happens all the time. However, you have to follow through in order to make the thought come to life. This name is called an IDEA. Yeah, just those 4 letters can transform the world or even end it.

Some Ideas are bad. This doesn't mean you are a bad person. It just means the things you think are not very creative.

Some ideas are very daring: doesn't mean you are any better a person than the guy up there. I hope He learned to think better.

Trust me the two guys above, it's not like one is less of a human than the other. It is just in the way they think. I guess one has thoroughly thought through what they were to do, the season, the car the tires the size of the car e.t.c which made it possible to make such a maneuver.

Other ideas are extraordinary: this just means the people have applied themselves really well and whatever they thought up, they manifested and it contributed to helping others and impacting the world. Talk about the guy who came up with Facebook and Google. These were once all ideas.

This man below got an idea about being the fastest in the world. The idea must have not been easy to conceive but he gave it a shot anyway.

What is the point of this discussion if I may ask?


I would like you to take a look at the picture above and we shall learn some things. The story behind the taj mahal we all know. A king who needed to bury his wife who died in childbirth. When you look at this you can learn a few things.

  1. Ideas transcend generations: if you are looking to impact the world even generations apart you need to change the way you think. Think more daring and creating. Look for an idea instead of living a complacent life.
  2. Ideas serve needs: whenever you see a need that is the time to look for an idea of how to solve it. Once you service the need then you can get paid for it or better yet it can open doors for you.
  3. Ideas can't be fired or destroyed: this goes out to those living in fear, economic turmoil etc. When you get an idea, a good idea like Google you won't have to worry about any of these anymore. In fact, your new problems surrounding how you use the resources you have.
  4. Your abundance is captured in your ideas.
  5. Ideas are more powerful than death: the picture above is evidence.
  6. Ideas control the world: The world is ruled by dead men, the philosophies used in governments are ideas of dead men.

There is nothing on earth is more powerful than an idea, it's not a complex concept maybe I should say it this way. Nothing is more powerful on earth than thoughts because thoughts are the source of everything.

The question is how are you using yours towards the life you want to live? If you are not where you need to be then you need a new idea. Work on that and you will be fine. Ideas are more important than what you think.

I have an idea for you today, why don't you start thinking towards improving your life. There is a community of people who are working on living their lives in abundance by leveraging the latest technology. 

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It was nice once again chatting with you.

Till later. Cheers.

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