The Power of Tutorials (Always Learning)

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Hello Everyone,

This week I wanted to focus on the power of tutorials.  I have been doing a few more this week and am still playing around with Procreate.

The Power of Tutorials

I have not picked up a traditional pencil in a couple of weeks now as seem to have favoured my Apple Pencil and Procreate on my iPad.  This has let me to explore YouTube and Skillshare for tutorials and also a book that I have bought (beginners guide to digital painting in Procreate by Max Ulichney, Simone Grunewald, Aveline Stokart and Sam Nassour).

These tools have opened another door for me and my art. Although I feel like I am starting from scratch again I love the freedom and flexibility of using digital tools.  The YouTube tutorials have helped me create some quality artworks that I otherwise would not have even known where to start with.

       The Power of Tutorials (Always Learning)

Always Learning

I also love learning and discovering so this twist has given me the perfect opportunity.  I feel like I have only scratched the surface.  I still feel like everything I do on my own in Procreate is pretty basic but I think I am still getting used to the feel of it and a digital pencil.  I will do some exercised later and this week to better my hand eye coordination and to get the feel of using the pressure of the pencil.

The take away for this week is to always keep learning, I know I will. I still haven’t done anything more than basic sketching and colouring but I do need to practice that more.  I want to really get to grips with the basics so that I have a really good foundational knowledge then I can build from there.  I am going to start on the book this week as my learning resource to switch it up a bit.

To see my artwork for last week and beyond see my Instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Happy Sketching


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