The Time Barrier for Musical Excellence

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For me, the biggest barrier in achieving my goals as a musician has always been time. When I look back over the years, many opportunities have been missed simply because I did not have the time to pursue them. Most people would reply to this by saying “well make time if it’s that important to you.”

Digging a little deeper, the reason for not having the time to pursue my interests is because of the necessity to earn a living. My father told me there is no money in music and for the vast majority of us he is right. However, I did not get into music to make money. I got into music because it is what I love doing and am good at it. So why was I given the desire then cruelly prevented from achieving my dream? The simple answer to this is that I didn’t understand how the world works. Well folks, I do now! Iggy Pop opened my eyes to this by saying “Hey, if you wanna make music, make music. If you wanna make money, sell insurance.” Scott Joplin used to play the piano in bars for a sandwich! It’s about the separation of the two aspects of what we do. Understand that we need a good, healthy income to pursue what we want to do but don’t accept that it has to be music that provides this. I now run a successful business that is allowing me to spend more and more of my time doing what I love and my biggest regret now is that I didn’t do this 25 years ago.

Think about this blog when you are faced with similar situations and tell yourself,  it doesn’t have to be this way

Roger Moisan

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