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You were made in the image of Almighty God, which means that you were wonderfully made, and you were made to thrive.  The dream that you have in your heart, was placed there by Almighty God, so He wants you to pursue it, with all the unique gifts and talents that He blessed you with.

You were given a purpose, and you were given everything that you would ever need, to fulfill that purpose.  It all starts with belief.  Do you believe in the dream that is in your heart?  Do you believe that you have what it takes to make your dream a reality?

I know that dream exists in your heart.  It may be buried under guilt, shame, condemnation or some other negative issue, however the dream will not go away.  It is waiting for you to ignite it and pursue it with everything that you already have inside of you.

I am here to tell you, to take hold of your dream, shape it, mould it, develop a clear picture of your dream and do not stop pursuing it, until it is a reality in your life.  Now I know that there will be people in your life that will try to discourage you from pursuing your dream.  These people may be close to you, for example family members, friends, colleagues, but Almighty God did not place the dream in their hearts, He placed it in yours.

Right now you could be making all kinds of excuses for not pursuing your dream, but those excuses are the exact same issues that the people who make their dreams a reality, give as reasons for their success.  So there are no excuses.

Think about the people that you most admire on this wonderful planet.  Are they more gifted than you?  Absolutely not.  They followed what was in their hearts with everything that they've got, and did not stop.

As I'm a writer, I will give you just one example, otherwise the list would obviously be too long.  In 1997, J K Rowling was living in a one-bedroom flat in London on social benefit.  By 2010, she was a billionairess.  I am damn sure there were lots of excuses that she could have given.

Stand firm in the belief of your dream, because I know there will be lots of 'stuff' hitting the fan as you pursue it.  But pursue it anyway.


Thank you for reading!

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