What To Do When You Have Lots of Art Ideas?

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Hello Everyone,

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote a blog post and I took a much needed break. I used the time to re-charge my batteries and to re-assess what I wanted to do with my art for this coming year. What to do when you have lots of art ideas? This was the question that popped into my head.

Although I have improved my drawing skills a lot since March 2020 when I decided to start doing a sketch every day, I wanted to push past the figures and faces and really explore drawing other things to enhance other skills like perspective, depth, structure and application of colour.

Bullet Journal

When you have lots of art ideas or goals one of the solution to help could be a bullet journal and this is the idea I picked to help me plan and track my goals and habits. I did not want another year to pass and to still be in the same place as I was last year.  But what does moving on look like?

What To Do When You Have Lots Of Art Ideas


I want to create my own website to host my blog where I will then have more scope to be more creative with it.  I want to share more tips and progress with you all, to help in anyway I can.  I also have ideas for challenges that we could do together, I am testing one out right now, the A-Z art challenge where you pick each letter of the alphabet and draw something that starts with that letter.  So far I have done an Antelope and a Boat.

I would also like to have my own gallery page on my website and maybe, just maybe I could progress to a shop page and sell some prints of my work!  I am dreaming big and the reason I want to share it is to show that it’s possible and to help anyone out there who wants to create a different career doing something they love.

The First Step

I have now taken the first major step, I have spoken it out loud about my website dream, put it out there on the airwaves, shared it, committed to it despite the fears and negative thoughts that always pop up what say ‘what if it does not work’, ‘what if no one visits your site’, ‘what if people don’t like it’ and ‘what if it takes a long time’.  You may be familiar with some of these when you think about taking action on your own dreams.  Well feel them, acknowledge them but forge ahead anyway, they are lies that the ego tells us.

There is room for us all out there to make our dreams come true. I hope that by being brave and sharing this with you it might help you to take your big step forward.

Here is my boat drawing from yesterday, I don’t ever recall having ever drawn a boat so I am quite proud of this.  To see my other sketches see my Instagram page @zoebadgerart

  What To Do When You Have Lots Of Art Ideas

Happy Sketching


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