Train to sing, its my therapy

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l am listening to lovely music and l am so happy to be part of this show to share how we can accompish what they say its impossible

l am looking at a pickture and l see beutiful childs face and l belive l am not the only one who miss them, l belive that you are a very engaged mom who cares, maybe there was a good reason for you to leave everything and take the risk, correct me if l am wrong. 

l am listening to music to send you alots of love all away from my country to say hallo how is your day today and tell you its not impossible what they say. Its never impossible what you want you do with your life. Together we are strong thats why l choosed to send this message to you because l belive you know l excist but you stil do not know who l am.

I am a 43 years old lady who walks straight and lives for today and l do have a vision about tomorrow but my goal is to feel you close......

I am very happy to meet meet and look forward to get to know you.


Lales Celiker

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