Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens. Carl Jung

For those readers interested in keeping pace with my progress in getting my book published, I will continue to update my progress on this post. There's much to do yet, but as I continue editing the books, I'm about to active my blog with Aweber for anyone interested in discussing a wide variety of topics related to the books.

N G Meyers
Author of Elysium's Passage

January 26, 2018

I am now registered as an author that will be participating in the LA Times Book Festival, to be held at the University of South California campus in Los Angels, April 21 and 22. About 135,000 people attend this event each year including about 400 authors. It will be great exposure for Elysium's Passage, just minutes from Hollywood in case anyone there wishes to make a movie series based on these books. But I should probably finish writing them first.   

January 24, 2018

My free e-book, How it Came, is now available on my website at www.elysiumspassage.com. 

January 11, 2018

After completing the last of my book's edits, I submitted the manuscript this week and expect to have it printed by sometime in March. The eBook, however, should be available sometime next month. I'm also revising my website elysiumspassage.com to implement the autoresponder so I can give away my free eBook, How it Happened as an advanced promotion for the pending book sales.

December 28, 2017

I've spend the last day or two searching my computer files for pictures that I thought may interest readers. I found plenty of pictures of my mountain climbing but don't know what happened to many of them. Also I added a file for some of my cabin pictures. You may find these photo posts on this site. If you have any comments on them, please send me a reply.  

December 20, 2017

I have almost completed formatting my first monthly Newsletter. Still learning the overwhelming technology behind Aweber Auto Responder. By this I hope to soon start building up my subscription list as I give away my 100 page ebook that I've just written that I plan to call How it Happened. The first part is available on another post.

December 5, 2017

Working hard on my final editing of Book Two, Elysium's Passage: Surreal Adventures. Can hardly wait to share the story with my readers sometime late 2018.

December 2, 2017

I have now subscribed to the services of Aweber, an autoreponse provider. Now I need to learn how to implement to interact with my readers on this blog. 

November 25, 2017

I've uploaded a short, very amateur, video on my Facebook page: Elysium's Passage Book Series. I tell a little about the series with a little help from my two year old friend. Taken at my cabin in the foothills. 

November 20, 2017

I've now completed, or almost completed, my 'backstory' e-book which will be made available as a free book upon the publication and sale of the the first book, The Summit, hopefully very soon. I plan to call it How Elysium's Passage Came To Be (and what it may become).

Also and have included a brief autobiographic sketch on my life for anyone interested in my background. It may be found as part of the INTERVIEW post on this site.

November 3, 2017

I'm now working on a short 80 page e-book on how the Elysium's Passage Series came into existence. It's possibly more strange and peculiar that the series  where truth is stranger than fiction. In any case I think it will make for fascinating reading. I plan to give it away as a bonus for anyone who buys my book(s) online on this site in the future. Perhaps I'll just give it away without the sale of a book because I think when anyone reads this, they'll really want to buy the book. I also did a video last week about the series at my cabin. Jo, a friend of mine tried a number of shoots but her little two year old, Octavia was intent in stealing the show. However, I'll try to piece something together certain clips with Movie Maker just for fun.

October 30, 2017

I just received an invitation to advertise with The New York Review of Books. Guess that's not a big deal. But still I'd like think being invited to advertise in this prestigious publication means something. But then, maybe not. Anyway, here is what they wrote to me in part: "Hello! I am the advertising assistant at The New York Review of Books, and I recently read a compelling review of Elysium’s Passage: The Summit. This book seems like a great fit for our readers Esquire has called The New York Review of Books "the premier literary-intellectual magazine in the English language." Our 135,000+ print and digital subscribers and the nearly one million monthly visitors to our website offer a uniquely targeted audience for marketing If you are interested in marketing Elysium’s Passage: The Summit with The New York Review of Books, we would be thrilled to feature it!"

October 27, 2017

There are three professional reviews which may be read under Reviews, even though the book was not yet ready for these. Here are few quotes from them:

"Educational footnotes and appendices about famous philosophers ground this summit-in-the-clouds tale, packed with interesting information about Carl Jung, Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Einstein, Thomas Mann, and others. Terms such as “solipsistic” are also defined, providing a useful foundation for the book’s ongoing inquiries into, and comparisons of, physical versus spiritual lives." Clarion Review 

"A fusion of philosophy, fantasy, and spiritual speculation, N.G. Meyers’ novel is comparable in theme and tone to Carlos Castaneda’s landmark books -- This is a deep read—in other words, a novel not to be tackled quickly.  Readers who enjoy their literary escapism mixed with a heaping helping of philosophy and allegory, however, will find Meyers’ journey up the Mountain intriguing—and possibly even life-changing." BlueInk Review

"This is a philosophical novel, which means that its cerebral dialogues and emotionally flat characters are pretty much par for the genre. Even so, the didactic book’s profound length (nearly 500 pages) and achingly slow pace will make this a difficult read for all but the biggest fans of Robert M. Pirsig and Hermann Hesse." Kirkus Review

But I really wonder how carefully these reviews actually read the books they are supposed to be reviewing. Considering the obvious factual errors, and confusion what the book is about, I think they only look at parts and make up the rest by saying just enough to say to post something even if it's irrelevant to the overall theme. In any case, the full reviews are under this site's REVIEWS category. Overall, I don't suppose they are that bad in spite of the all errors.

October 25, 2017

Elysium's Passage: The Summit is anticipated to be published before year end 2017 Each subsequent book in the series is expected to be published yearly thereafter over the next four years.