Using References In Art (Update)

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Hello Everyone,

I hope your week has been good.  I wanted to share this week an update on using references in art.  I practiced doing some different things this week using references to draw different objects and what I found was that unconsciously I was rushing the sketch.

                       Using References In Art (Update)

Slow Down

I had to consciously tell myself to slow down when I realised and then I started to put in the little details in the sketch above.  It was still a rough sketch but I wanted to play with objects and perspective with things being relative to one another.


But it was the lesson in patience it taught me.  I then found a picture of a face that was tilted to the side and turned up slightly which I always seem to struggle with and I rubbed out the first 2 attempts until I realised I was not being that precise and well, rushing as I wanted to get to the good bit!

I took a moment and slowed right down and made sure I got my base and proportions right first before I filled in any details and took my time and the result was much better.  I did this for the sketch the day after and it also worked better.

                         Using References In Art (Update)

So my message this week if you are using references in art and things just don’t seem to be going right, take a breath and  slow down, take your time and make sure you get all your basics right.  The artwork will flow much better.

To see my other sketches this week see my Instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Happy Sketching


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