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So many times you can hear people preach about how easy you can make yourself a positive person. Truth is, it takes hard work to learn a positive aspect of life. I don't care what anyone says to motivate you to be positive. How can you just go through the motions and take others advice? Then, transform into a positive human being.

No, I don't believe in it. I don't believe in that. The first thing in anyone's mind would think that way. But why? Why can't we just hit that switch in our minds and be that way?

Just like anything else it takes experience and hard work. The first step would be to find yourself in a mental state of a warm comfortable feeling. Maybe listen to great music. Especially a song that somehow changed your life and made you sad, happy, and maybe excited. Once you are in a mood where it's just irrelevant what anyone says to you. You are in that zone. A place where you can be yourself, do the things you are not ashamed of. Little do you know, you are loving yourself and your subconscious mind takes control of your body.

You are naturally beautiful. You are in the clouds. You look in the mirror and accept that you are not scared of the reflection. So many people love you for who you are.

Why can't you?

You have learned to live for someone else. That alone is a magical power. Not knowing your potential you randomly think of the brighter side of life. You understand the feeling of someone who has shared a painful memory or story. You feel them. They feel your reflection of love and they change. Even if it's just a little. You have imprinted your heart into something you have never thought you were capable of.

So, why don't you just do it?

Love yourself...

Then...notice the transformation around you.


Warm Regards,


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