How To Win Free Drums Online With YouTube

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In this blog we're looking at how I, The Breather crossed my path just at the right time, creating an opportunity to win a drum kit with my second YouTube video. Click here to read the previous blog, or continue below!


The second video: Doomsday - I, The Breather

Timing Is Everything

In the domain of drums, timing is everything. After posting my first drum video on YouTube, everything was feeling pretty aligned but I didn't know what I was going to do next. The first video fell into place right on time without even trying, surely that couldn't happen again?

Around 2012, one of my favourite bands in the alternative scene was I, The Breather. I was on facebook one night and I saw a post from Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, announcing that they would be holding a drum video contest. The criteria was to pick a song performed by one of the bands on the lineup and post a video of yourself playing it.

Luckily for me, I, The Breather were playing on the festival in 2012. I saw the post, and I saw the drum kit prize. I had just learned how to pull the skills together to create decent videos, and I knew in my gut it was time to get back to work and repeat the process.


I, The Breather sharing the Mayhem flier with some big names

Having A Clear Goal Is Important

I was completely focused on winning that drum kit. When you are so focused on one task, and willing to put in the time to achieve it, it is difficult to fail yourself. I didn't have a strategy when I started to use YouTube or a plan for the second video, so when this opportunity came to me, I knew I had to utilise it for growth.

If I need to learn a whole album or 2 on a short deadline, it would be a challenge and quality would suffer. But I only had to learn 1 song for the contest, and having familiarity with the material I intended to learn, I felt like I had a head start already.

Having the pure tunnel vision on practicing one song with one outcome in mind, I was able to relax deep into the learning process to refine my playing and create something I was proud to show up with.


I, The Breather playing a show in the US

YouTube came through for me again this time; Morgan Wright, their drummer, had posted a wicked playthrough video which my friends and I had found. I had reference material, the carrot and the stick, and I had the momentum to keep moving towards building my skills.

Morgan Wright - Drummer of I, The Breather

Massive Action, Massive Outcome

I vividly remember printing a picture of the drum kit out and taping it to my drums to I could focus on it while I practiced. I spent days on days running through Doomsday on repeat until it started to click in.

I knew it was no use to rush, so I took my time before the deadline to put the work in. I knew that if I was going to enter this contest, I wanted the win. When I was ready, we moved the dining table and set up the drums. It was time to do some magic again.


One of the best emails I've ever received!

You might think after so much practice it was an easy video to create, but it was just as difficult to produce as the first one and stressed me out just as much, but I managed to get it out and post it up, and I'm glad that I made the choice to commit, back myself, and put myself outside of the comfort zone.


Dark Horse Percussion // Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival // Alex Pepper


Doomsday - I, The Breather

"Mark my words! I will teach you the way to go!"

I hope you've found this post valuable in some way. I'm sending out a massive thanks to the hundreds of people online who supported me with liking + sharing this video for the win. It was an awesome feeling to be so supported.

Next Time...

Next time, we'll take a look at Delinquents - Woe, Is Me as I start to settle into the content creation routine and get comfortable.

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Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time Xx


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