Angel Number 11:11 - Wake Up Call From The Universe

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Angel Number 11:11

The AMAZING meaning of Angel Number 11:11, 1:11  

Are you seeing Angel Number 11:11 on your laptop, cell phone, car number plate, digital clock, grocery receipt, and price tag? Firstly, Congratulations to you!

You are getting a Wakeup Call from your angel and The Universe.

Hello, Good Day! Your angel is communicating to you, reaching out to gain your attention by giving you signs, in this case, Angel Number 11:11. Trust that you are guided to this post. The angel is using The Universe language of vibrations energy reaching out to you, and all the number hold different vibrations and meaning. Seeing a sequence of repeating number is divine messages from the spiritual realm.  

Angel Number 11:11 is a gateway number, make a wish.

Always make a wish whenever you see 11:11. The Universe has captured a snapshot of your thoughts. Your angel wants you to switch your thoughts to all the positive energy only, and manifest the life you truly desire and take positive actions.

Number 1 is a powerful number with drive, producing, strong-will, independent, self-reliant, doer, leadership and progression. It's is the primal force to the first step.   

Angel number 11:11 resonate with twice the Master Number 11. A new beginning, new path, new knowledge, and new experiences are on its way. Your angel wants you to focus all your energy to create the new. You are your own master and fully capable of bringing more fulfillment into your life.

Pay attention and observe your own thoughts, they are energy. Positive thoughts create positive results, negative thoughts create negative results. Your inner feelings and reality can be reflected in the outer world. Do you want to be lucky? Make sure you are focusing your energy on all the things that you want, NOT all the things that you don’t want.

Angel Number 11:11 encourage you to live life to the best version of yourself, be your authentic self, speak your truth and express your talent. You are on the right path of awakening and enlightenment, starting to remember who you truly are.

What is your dream? Any goals that you want to achieve? What are the plans do you want to materialize? WHY are YOU not doing it? What hold you back?

Regardless, NOW is the best time to break through any barrier in your mind like a magician with Angel Number 11:11. The Universe has received your thoughts pattern. So, choose your thoughts consciously!  

What is your priority? Do you want more time, more freedom and continue to earn income no matter where you are on earth? We are so lucky living in this digital world, everything is possible.  

The NOW moment, connected between the spiritual and physical realm. Angel Number 11:11

Seeing 11:11 also symbolizes you are in alignment with your higher self, a spiritual being having physical experiences here on earth. The Universe has opened up an energy light wave for you, let the light shine into you and be a true light being.

Your thoughts can be manifest in physical reality with high speed. Ask the angel to help you focus on positive, learning to receive and let the energy flow through you as The Universe bring new people and new experiences which is more in alignment with your higher vibrations and emotional state.  

All you need is to be open-minded, do not resist the new and change. Enjoy the process with joy and go with the flow when new opportunity portal presenting itself to you. A new journey of independent and individuality that is different from what you are doing now.

Whenever you see angel number 11:11; set an intention. You have everything you need to be happy and successful, step forward with courage and inner strength. You are the Creator of your own reality and destiny. Trust your higher self who always know what is best for you.

You attract your outer reality by changing your inner reality.


Note: I started seeing Angel Number 11:11 in 2017. It continues to show up on my laptop (the one in the picture) for years, and I decided to take a photo in 2018. I was working on my laptop, again when I take a look at the time, it was 5 x 11!!!. I wasn’t really paying attention to it at that time, but it was really amazing when I realized I was seeing 11:11 on 11/11/2018. 2018 is a Master Number 11 = 2 + 0 + 1+ 8. Make a wish.

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