Angel Number 1234 - One Step At A Time

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Angel Number 1234

A very straight forward Angel Number 1234, just like walking the steps.

The meaning of Angel Number 1234. Why are you seeing it? 

If you are seeing Angel Number 1234 all the time, no matter where you go or what you do, perhaps 12:34 on your cell phone or laptop screen, car license number, a receipt of $12.34. 

Your angel is trying to gain your attention and reaching out to you by giving you signs and number, in this case, Angel Number 1234. The angel is using The Universe language of vibrations to communicate to us. But the angel doesn’t speak human language, they communicate with vibrations, images, and thoughts. Each number hold different vibrations and meaning.

Angel Number 1234 – Step By Step, little by little.

Just like the meaning of the number 1234, this angel is very straight forward and give a very clear message. Everything we do in life is like taking the steps of 1234. Step by step, and little by little.

Angel Number 1234 symbolize moving forward energy with a new beginning (resonate with the number 1), with balance (resonate with the number 2), and creativity (resonate with the number 3) to achieve new success (resonate with the number 4).

However, when life is facing some challenges and difficulties. We need to release all unwanted baggage before moving forward again. We need to declutter from our emotional level, mental level, physical level, and surroundings. Imagine having a big load at the back of you, how fast can you move to compare without the load? Same goes to energy.

Decluttering at the emotional level could possibly like internal cleansing. If you carry any trauma bond or emotional punching bag, they are extremely heavy and dense energy, probably required more energy cleansing activity such as chakra cleansing, activation, and balancing, go to nature where there is water, soak yourself in the sea or take a really good shower. Ask your angel for help, set an intention in releasing that emotion, and regain clarity.

Decluttering at the mental level can be achieved by writing down every single little job that you need to do in a diary. Get the easiest one done first. What is the job you have been procrastinating on? Just get it done. Cross out the list once a job is done.

Do you have any communication misunderstanding that you need to seek clarification? Whether is from family members, friend or work colleague? Take this opportunity to talk to them. You know what? You could feel so relief and a great sense of lightness.

Decluttering at the physical level could possibly mean losing the extra pound or whatever that is resonate with you. Clean out furniture, apparel, footwear, bags, kitchenware, anything that you have not been using for a period of time. Donate them to a charity organization, others people might need them more than you do.

Decluttering your surroundings, anything you could think of. When you declutter all the “old” energy, you are indeed making way for the “new”, allowing the energy flow and moving forward again, step by step.

Slow down, one-foot ahead of you at a time with Angel Number 1234

Are you living in a super busy life? Or rushing through everything just to get it done? Or juggling many aspects of life? This could possibly have an accumulative impact on you.

Your angel urges you to slow down with Angel Number 1234. Life is a journey, not a destination. There is so much to enjoy in the moment of now in this journey. Why are you getting yourself into the same cycle of rushing through repeatedly? Take a deep breath, slow it down.

Your angel wants to remind you, take some time out for yourself. Allow the “ME” time with some indulgent, rejuvenate all your senses. It’s necessary to rest and recharge your energy field.

Imagine your car require maintenance and service after certain kilometer of driving distance. Our body-mind, and soul need that too!

With Angel Number 1234, everything in life is one step at a time so that you don’t burn out along your journey.     


Note: This Angel Number 1234 is super clear in message and synchronicity. I see it on many occasions and situations where I do need to take the project or situation one step at a time! It was magic.

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