Angel Number 666 - The First and Ultimate Spiritual Guru

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Angel Number 666

The angel wants you to screen through your current life circumstances from inside out

The meaning of Angel Number 666. Why are you seeing it? 

If you are seeing Angel Number 666 all the time, no matter where you go or what you do, perhaps 666 emails in your inbox, car license number, a receipt of $666.

Your angel is trying to gain your attention and reaching out to you by giving you signs and number, in this case, Angel Number 666. The angel is using The Universe language of vibrations to communicate to us. But the angel doesn’t speak human language, they communicate with vibrations, images, and thoughts. Each number hold different vibrations and meaning.

Angel Number 666 - Your FIRST and ULTIMATE Spiritual Guru.

You may be surprised that the angel says, your first and ultimate spiritual guru is always with you. But, are you aware or paying attention to it?

Well, let me explain further. Number 6 resonates with harmonious, loving, caring, healing, domestic, protective and trusting. Conversely, it also relates to anxiety, worry, paranoid, suspicious, jealous and cynical.  

Your BODY is your first and ultimate spiritual guru. It’s with the harmonious vibrations and energy that our body is fully functional. Our bodysuits enable us to perform all the daily activities that we are doing. Expressing ourselves, as a spiritual being experiencing the physical world.

Our body possesses the natural ability to heal and generates new cells. Our hair and nails grow longer and healthy is a pretty good sign. Human red blood cell stay in the blood system approximately 100 to 120 days in a healthy individual.    

Logically, we should have more than a thousand reason to love, care, protect and trust our body. However, human nature doesn’t always do that.

Very often, when the body started to get “discomfort”, started showing “signs”, “feelings unwell” and “pain”, we don’t always pay attention to it.

Angel Number 666 remind you to look after yourself, body, mind, and soul. TRUST your body, listen to the message it is trying to convey. Not just physically, also emotionally. Look after the body before it gets unwell.

The angel wants to you get in touch with your heart. How do you feel about your current job, relationship, family, friendship or environment?

Do you feel stuck, standing in the middle of a crossroad, confuse, unhappy, unfulfilling, not enough time, not enough money and freedom?

Or are you feeling relax, chill, happy, joyful, hopeful, harmonious, calm, inner peace, secure, trust, and content? 

Your thoughts may be out of alignment with Angel Number 666

Our thought is extremely powerful, both positive and negative. Thoughts generate words, and words can lead to actions and results. Your angel says, choose your thought wisely.

Seeing Angel Number 666 could also mean your angel wants you to know your thought is out of alignment with Source and The Universe. The energy you put out to the Universe is going to reflect it back to you, hence, you don’t really want to attract low dense energy and lower vibrations negative energy to you. BALANCE your thought.

The good news is, each and every one of us holds the power of switching our thought frequency with an immediate effect like tuning the radio frequency.

Instead of spending your energy on any behaviour of self-sabotaging, police yourself, the minute you caught yourself with a negative thought. Switch to the opposite positive thinking, positive words and positive action.

With Angel Number 666, realign your thought with The Universe creation energy. Do you want to have a better life, better income, freedom, time, and a good relationship?

Transform your life and focus on positive thinking. You can change the life experiences for yourself and people that you love and care for.   


Note: Seeing Angel Number 666 the first time was a challenging time of my life where my thoughts were totally out of alignment and confused. I had two opposing thoughts running in my head making me feel crazy. However, I learned to take back my power, experiencing a spiritual awakening by paying attention and listen to my body. The First and Ultimate spiritual guru. It saved my sanity, body, mind, and soul.

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