Angel Numbers - Why You Are Seeing Sequence And Repeating Numbers

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Angel Numbers

Seeing Repeating Number Sequences - Signs From The Universe  

If you are seeing sequence number, repeating number or "Angel Number", this seems to be a global phenomenon and you are not alone, rest assured you have nothing to worry about.

More and more people from all over the world are experiencing Angel Number. It could show up on a digital clock, car license plate, sale receipt, speed limit sign, high way number, billboard, tax invoice, price tag, oven clock, watch, cell phone, laptop and all sorts of examples. 

Some people wake up and notice it's exactly 1:11a.m, 2:22a.m, 3:33a.m, 4:44 or 5:55a.m. So unbelievable, is that right?    

At the initial stage, perhaps most people might think this is strange or rather unusual seeing repeating number sequences or take it as a coincidence. However, seeing it day and night, everywhere you go like an unpredictable event following you around and surprises you, this is definitely more than just a coincidence. 

Angel Number will show up to you again and again, at the right time and the right place until it captures your attention and takes notice, this is "synchronicity".

According to Google search, synchronicity meaning the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

The word "synchronicity" was first introduced by Carl Gustav Jung, a German analytical psychologist. He gave a full statement in 1951 in an Eranos lecture and published a paper in 1952 about it.

What Does It Mean To You When You Are Seeing Angel Number

Firstly, I must say congratulations to you!

You are coming to a phase of life with more awareness or perhaps higher consciousness. Whenever you are seeing Angel Number, do pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, emotions, the image in your mind, current life experiences and situations.

Be aware of everything within and around you, the signs and numbers are unspoken messages from the angel reaching out to you in regards to your current circumstances and life experiences. 

"Everything in the Universe is mathematically precise and each number has its own energy, vibration, and meaning. The placement of number in a sequence holds special meaning". - Pythagoras

The number is the Universe unspoken language presenting in the forms of energy and vibrations code. Therefore, to understand the meaning of the number, we must decode the energy and vibration resonates with the number.  

Besides, if you are seeing the number repeating twice, it means the energy and vibration doubled and stronger than a single digit of the same number.

Subsequently, if you are seeing a number repeating three times, meaning the energy and vibration are tripled. The power of the number is amplified threefold.

The more repeating same number you are seeing, the stronger of their power.

Angel Number Is Unique and Personal To YOU

The number is LIVE. It's like a living being with its own personality and characteristics, including strength and weaknesses. When more than one number combined together, it could interpret differently than a single digit number itself.  

However, if you have a particular number that holds specific meaning to you, or makes you feel special in a certain way. Whatever thoughts you have that resonate with that particular number; it is exactly the energy and vibration communicating to you. We are made of Energy.  

Seeing Angel Number is all about to LISTEN to your body and FEEL with your heart at the moment of "NOW". How you are feeling, what is in your thought and what are the images in your mind. The meaning resonates with you at that moment is far more powerful comparing other explanation. 


Note: This is an introduction to Angel Numbers. It will be more post about the special meaning of a particular repeating number sequences. If you do like my work, please check out my next post approximately 7 days after this post.

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