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Having your writing featured online not only provides a forum where readers can actually read and enjoy your work, but it's also a great way to market yourself as a writer.

On my website,, we feature writers on what's called an "Author Page."  This is a page that highlights you as a writer, with your picture, your bio, any books you've published, your poetry, short stories, a link to your blog (we'll create one for you if you don't have one).  This can be a very simple, easy first step to getting your name and your work out there!

Click Here to see what an Author Page looks like.

It's Cheap!
The cost for an Author Page is $100.  That's basically just to cover our time to create it for you.  Once it's published, it's never have to pay anything again.  You'll have a blog attached (if you choose) that you can post to for free as often as you like.  And you can even submit poetry, short stories, essays, etc. for us to post/attach to your Author Page for free.  And if you publish more than one book, we'll add new books to your Author Page (also free).

Why Do We Offer This?
That's simple.  Because it helps all of us!  A website's ranking in Google/Bing/Yahoo is based on its activity.  The more people we have on our website with Author Pages, poems, short stories, blog posts, articles, essays, the more TRAFFIC the website gets.  And since we're all on this website for the purpose of reaching an audience (and selling our books!), then the more traffic we get, the better.

It's like a group effort.  We're all on this website...all of us writers joining together...and we're all publishing books, writing stories, writing poetry, writing blogs....and together we reach an enormous audience.  It's fun.  And exciting.  And rewarding.  And profitable for us all!

Use This to Promote Your Website or Blog
Do you have an existing blog or author website?  If so, we'll include your link(s) on your Author Page to help you get even more exposure as a writer.  (For more information on getting an Author Website, click HERE).

Join Us!
We hope you'll join us!  Not only is this an opportunity for all of of us to help and support each other in getting our names out there as writers, but it also provides a wonderful forum for readers to see and enjoy our work!  And, as we all know, it's just plain FUN to see our work published!  :)

Request an Author Page
To request an Author Page, fill out the form below and submit your payment of $100.  You will receive a confirmation email immediately, and your Author Page will be created and published within one week.  We'll contact you via email if we have any questions, and we'll send you the link to use to share your new Author Page with your friends and family!

Contact Us
If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact me directly at

Debra Sherman
Co-Founder and Chairperson
Lewiston Writers' Group

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