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Hi Everyone, I'm Jon Evans a 24 Year old from Bognor Regis, located in the very South of the United Kingdom, I am a Joyful, driven individual who always puts others first.

Digital Bloggers is a fantastic platform to expand and reach out to others on what we have studied and experienced in our lives.
In my previous careers, I was a Partner of a Landscape Gardening Business in the South of England, which gave me a real understanding of hard work and dedication.

After that, I went to a Marketing Associate role in a performance car dealership (so if you love cars I probably did your dream job!) while using my free time to create the freedom lifestyle of running an online business, which allows me to connect with amazing like-minded people around the world.

We now have the privilege to help and guide individuals, focus on their goals and vision to make them truly understand that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and not letting fear drag you back to the settled life, of thinking your goals are just wishes.
Spoiler alert! Take note you might come across some punctuation mistakes as I am a guy with dyslexia, which is a daily fear I am faced with every day, but I won't let it stop me from writing about my life and experiences to help and support others. I express how I feel and then write : ) I have been very lucky to have travelled to lots of spectator places with some fun and scary story's to tell. My daily schedule will consist of Keeping fit, jumping rope, Yoga, writing to our members and having one to one calls with them to conquer their fears and discover there WHY. I can't forget meditation as that has truly transformed my life.

We both have a strong passion for inspiring and allowing others to unlock their full potential in life.
Please Feel to reach out to us, share your thoughts and let’s chat!


I'm Rachael Iris, from Cheshire, in the North West of the UK. I enjoy writing about what I have learnt, Studied and experienced in my life. I especially want you to hear about the life I've managed to create for myself; now I'm living this laptop lifestyle.

I strive to be a better person than I was yesterday and be compassionate for all I have, and for everyone I meet.

The main topics I want to give value on are about the studies and culture I have been lucky to have experienced.

I was doing Courses on Mental Health, Psychology, Philosophy (Mindfulness and Meaning of life) Psychotherapy, Acting and more. You could say I'm obsessed with Human Behaviour and the Mind; It's one of my passions!
I want to provide my readers with the insight I have learnt and do my best to help them in any way I can, by whatever route they desire.

I have completed a poetry book, and I'm in the process of writing a self-exploration book.

I've been brought up in a working-class family, who has taught me how to be tough and also given me lots of love. I've always been mature for my age carrying around lots of difficult occurrences, that I used to wish could be changed, but now I'm glad I understand that all difficult times are lessons, and it's up to me to push myself forward to success.

I'm down to earth, love to laugh and write! I have travelled quite a few incredible places with lots of tales, and I have some unique story's to tell.

I enjoy Yoga, Dancing, keeping fit, Meditation, and good food.

I have a passion for helping people discover who they are and become their best self.

Reach out to me, share with me your journey; let's create a business of a life you want to live. All stories, good or bad, happy or sad, are welcome here. I have two ears that are ready to listen.

Rachael Iris.