5 Second Rule - A Helpful Tool

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To accompany my 2-minute video on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChTr9ZvZ9UYmOjwIFFvFftw 

I thought I'd write this little article. 

As I am not one for lengthy studying or long-term concentration, small yet extremely effective tools to help me do what I need to do are perfect for me. And here is one I want to share with you all that is working very well for me. 

Developed by Mel Robbins, the 5-second rule is a way to help you overcome or beat procrastinating. Most, if not all of us put off things every day, from getting up on time, to cleaning, ironing, the list goes on. All those things that we leave on a daily basis build up and build up; you start to get a little stressed over the long list of things that now needs doing and feel you have no time to do them. Anxiety kicks in and you get snappy and a little down as life is too short and there is too much crap to deal with.

However, if those little jobs were dealt with there and then and not put off tomorrow, that leaves tomorrow to get on with other jobs we can then focus on with a clear mind, like building a business, planning ahead, setting goals etc. 

It is amazing to me how much more clear my mind is knowing I can keep on top of my to-do list and how positive and motivated I am left feeling having things in order. 

Mel Robbins has a book out and a website for the '5 Second Rule' and I highly recommend it. 

For those of you who read my articles, you will already know I am building a business, so tips that I pick up that are easy to learn and use like the 5-second rule help me immensely. 

I have mentors in my business as I have mentioned before, Stuart and Jay, and you can see them in my video link below, but I also look for mentors outside of my business to help with my personal development like Mel Robbins. 

Have a look at my link below and see if what my mentors have to say interests you and if you are ready for a journey of personal development. 

Thanks for reading,

Mark Johnson.

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