Believe In Yourself To Strengthen Your Power

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Having the courage to live the life we are destined to live requires a lot of self-belief. We know, deep inside, that we are powerful beings, we are here to live an invigorating and thriving life experience, but most of us don't allow ourselves to enjoy those pleasures. 

We seem to live the life that we inwardly feel we should live. The calling is there but the idea that we can't do them or we shouldn't keep dominating our lives.


We have this guidance system that keeps telling us to choose our magnificence by taking charge of our own life if we want to make a difference in our quality of life.

We are often aware of the fear and pain being experienced in the world, but instead of joining the world in those patterns of thought, we can set an example of empathy. When we turn our attention to a successful resolution, we might even inspire others to a heartwarming solution.

To move forward, all we need is to believe in ourselves and take responsibility for all the choices we have made up until now.


What is your driving force? What are you prepared to do to release whatever is stopping you and focusing only on your greatness and potential?

This year I have decided to stop making excuses and take the leap of faith in pursuing my dreams of becoming self-sufficient.

Many of us have been conditioned over the years to doubt ourselves, and even though I have been working on myself for years now, those old habits of thought kept presenting themselves. However, I have been persisting, and those resistance thoughts are getting less and less dominant.  

That is is why it is crucial to keep on going even when you think there has not been much progress. 

I have also been learning to stop blaming my circumstances in life I now understand that everything that comes my way is an opportunity.

I am focusing on changing those circumstances into positive outcomes. Practising the art of visualisation has also been a learning process and eventually finding that sense of belief that I can succeed at whatever I set my mind to do. 

For so many years I was focusing on what it was missing in my life. I often thought that there was something that needed to happen in my life before for me to be happy and I was resenting that it hadn't happened.

Thanks to intense personal development I have been going through, in particular, the teachings of Abraham, I have been focusing on putting my attention only on what I want to create.


In the Law of Attraction book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, they tell us that when we focus on discarding old beliefs, we are actually thinking about them more. And, that some of those beliefs are worth keeping. 

All we have to do is just to be aware of how we are directing our thoughts, and make a decision that we want to feel good. This beautiful affirmation has been assisting me, hope it is of value to you too:

Today, no matter where I am going, no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to see that which I want to see.  Nothing is more important than that I feel good. 

Do whatever you can to stop thinking negative thoughts. Once you start getting into the habit of thinking thoughts that are in harmony with your desires, you will find clarity, and you will begin to align with those future events and circumstances that will please you.

Feel appreciation for what is, embrace every now moment as a new experience and see yourself as love and only having love to give away, I have experienced those feelings, and it is exhilarating. 



I am always reading or listening to great mentors advising us to make peace with where we are, release doubts and fears, believe in ourselves, take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and words to achieve our goals and dreams, if we do, we will then allow the process of accomplishing our desires. 

Intellectually we are very aware that that is what we need to do, but for years I just kept going in circles and wondering why I was not moving ahead.

But I didn't give up because the rewards in getting into alignment are phenomenal, we just have to let the Universe guide us and support us. Once we believe in ourselves and take action on that belief,  success is possible. 

What do you think is stopping you? 

For me, I was letting my fears and doubts dominate me and immobilising me. I was creating all kind of excuses as to why I was not achieving everything I wanted.


In the book Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditations by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham talks about that once the resistance subsides and you come into full alignment, all confusion is replaced with clarity, and uncertainty is replaced with knowing.  

And when that occurs within you, all manner of evidence will confirm it:

  • Good-feeling ideas will flow abundantly to you
  • Things that you have been wondering about will come into greater clarity
  • Things that you have been meaning to do will present themselves to you in an obvious and easy-to-accomplish manner. 
  • Problems that have seemed stubborn will seem to resolve themselves without your personal involvement
  • And money and opportunities will begin to show up in your experience in surprising and unexpected ways

Wouldn't you like to experience all these in your life? Every time I read these lines I get very motivated to keep going.

Reading these powerful statements have helped me to focus more on good feelings thoughts rather than doubtful thoughts.

It’s your turn to experience these breakthroughs. I want to encourage you to keep going strong and to never give up.

If you are like me, you have put your passions to the side for too long, or perhaps you have yet to find them, don't give up, keep going, break through to Success and align with your personal and professional life.

Keep listening to your intuition, be more positive and mindful each day, and have the power to ask for what you want, making you unstoppable in any situation. Believe in yourself.


Self-doubt will come back, just get good at dealing with it on a daily basis.

Whenever you want to strive to do something significant with your life and try to get out of your comfort zone, your ego will greet you every time.

But remember, it is helping you to expand, allow it, release, breathe and let go.

Trust that everything is unfolding perfectly, step back and allow the Universe to lead the way.


Do your doubtful thoughts have been stopping you from taking that critical step to live your life at your own terms?

I had been through that myself. In the past, I have taken some action, but I have also been stopping myself to break through. It is time to be serious and take the necessary steps to accomplish what I have been waiting for such a long time.

What about you? What is it that you have wanted to achieve for a long time? You have been waiting long enough. Do them now.

If you are like I was and you have been stopping yourself from doing the things that make you happy and fulfilled, but you feel you are ready to transform your life and work on things that you are enthusiastic about, then you are inclined to break through all barriers.

Go ahead, start what you have been dreaming about. However, if you are still looking for options and want to find out what is available to transform your life, have a look at this comprehensive free training to discover the possibilities. 

Please feel free to contact me at I would love to hear from you. 

With much appreciation