Why Can't I get Everythingng Done?'

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Why can't you get everything done? We all have the same amount of time on any given day. Why then do some people achieve such dizzying heights of success while others get to the end of any given day and lament, I need more time in the day?! It's all in the planning.Talent will get you only so far. Even the most talented of sportsmen or businessmen or artist etc. are laser focused on their goals and work hard at only what is relevant to their achieving their goals. This hard work makes people look as though their talent alone has got them all of their achievements.How can we achieve what these high achievers have over time? Better use of the time we all have. Better planning? Change your approach to planning and lists.

Can't get everything done? Start with Gary Keller's question. 'What is the one thing I can do today such that by doing it everything else becomes easier or not necessary?' Asking this of yourself will focus your attention on specific tasks which will lead toward your goals. Leave everything else out.

Still can't get everything done? It makes sense to be clear about Goals. What do we want to achieve? When do we want to achieve it?  Being clear about your end point gives you direction. Something to work with.  Keep it narrow and work on one thing at a time. If the task seems too big, ask yourself if it is relevant to your goals. Avoid getting sidetracked from your aim. If you put a time limit on your daily goals, you create a sense of urgency in yourself,  and you are likely to get more done. For example, decide on a task, set the alarm for 25 mins and work only on that task. It is amazing how much more gets done. By applying the one question to your goals each day, you remain focused on what is truly important at this time.


Goals are all very well, but how are they achieved?  Who doesn't love crossing things off a list? It's such a satisfying feeling. Things must be getting done when the list is getting shorter. Not necessarily. This is reiterated in the book 'The one thing ' by Gary Keller. Writing lists is a better tool if you apply the one question to them. That is, what is the one thing I could do today such that by doing it other things become easier or unnecessary?  According to Gary Keller, if we cut our lists right down to the things we should do working towards our goals, and leave out those things one could do, which aren't necessarily relevant, we would have a much smaller list. What a great thought: Having fewer jobs and still achieving goals. The 'To do' list then becomes The Success List!


Once your goals are established, and your success list is written, you can now work on establishing the habits which will cross things off your list. Using discipline to develop your routine which gets your jobs done, just long enough for a practice to be established, you need way less discipline to keep going. It is now a habit which is much easier to maintain. Be consistent. Work on it every day.The good news is that habits on average take 66 days to form. 'Those with the right habits seem to do better than others. They do the most important thing regularly and, as a result, everything else is easier.' Gary Keller.


The answer to the question why can't I get everything done, is very complicated indeed and this article has only covered a tiny part of the answer. I have found putting the Question of the one thing into action, has lead to my achieving much more during my day, whether it's at work as a nurse or behind my computer or even at home. It washes the airy fairy away which can be done later or not at all once the one thing has been found.

Hopefully, you've found this article of some help. Leave me a comment if you liked it or even if you didn't. Constructive criticism is always helpful. May you achieve all of you goals in whatever endeavour you pursue and I look forward to your comments below.

Kath Walker


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