Second Chance

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"We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims." R.Buckminster Fuller

Robert Kiyosaki is well known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad - New York Times best-seller for over six years. I remember reading this book a quite few years back in Japanese and got really shocked by what has been told in that book. Growing up in Japan means pretty much growing up to be a "poor dad". Work hard to get good grades to get in good university, then you get good stable job to be paid well... and be slave to money ever after... Nobody around me questioned that absurdity, just accepts it as the fact of life.

I knew that poor dad's lifestyle was not what I wanted. I was relatively doing well at school but not at all carreer minded. I get married to a nice kind man and bring happy children up in a nice comfortable house, I cook nice healthy food, keep the house looking lovely and comfortable absolutely in my taste! I make family with full of laughter, happiness and full of love. That was my vision of happy life. That happy life came true not in Japan but in UK but.... my husband is the "poor dad"!

Having my husband stressed out and unhappy at work, being always worried about money is not my picture of happiness. I remembered about Robert Kiyosaki and bought a copy of "Second Chance". 

With high unemployment, technology replacing people in the workforce, global competition and less job security, more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs. Robert says we are living in the Start Up World. There are opportunities amongst the crisis. 

So what can we do?

He says keep your full time job and start a part-time business. Be a part-time entrepreneur. Unfortunately, statistics show that 9 out of 10 new business will be out of business in five years. How can we avoid that from happening? 

Invest in financial education and take risk. Risk with control produces rewards. Control over education, control over advisors, control over time. Build trust in yourself by learning the language of money, a language that's not taught in school. Be a generalist, not a specialisit.

Rather than look for the jobs, look for problems that need solving.

Rather than work hard for money, work hard to serve more people.

Rather than ask god for help, find ways you can help god. 

Why don't we grab our second chance!

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